There is an ongoing conversation we have with marketing industry insiders about the number of marketing technology companies in the industry and whether they will be gobbled up by the larger platforms, leaving 2-3 giants in the marketplace. Whether the industry will significantly “consolidate.”

That didn’t happen.

“There was definitely a swelling of new martech firms starting around 2013” wrote Scott Brinker in ChiefMartec this week. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics charts would suggest that half of them will be out of business next year.”

CabinetM data for companies founded in 2013.

We figured we’d look at the data on CabinetM for 2013 to see what the numbers say. We have more than 8,000 marketing technology products in our database, and more than 5,600 companies producing MarTech products. 502 marketing technology companies were founded in 2013.

Of those, 436 are still active — they have a live website and a social media presence. Of the 502 launched in 2013, 31 are now out of business while 35 were acquired. For example, Abakus, headquartered in Oakland, and founded in 2013, is now marketing attribution software as part of SAP.

The bigger story here is that marketing technology as an industry keeps growing, and that’s the reason CabinetM is here. We provide a framework to help marketers plan, track and their marketing technology stacks, and find the new technology they need.

So, keep going, Class of 2013. So far, you look pretty good.

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