BlueVenn is now integrating R programming language to enhance its predictive analytics capabilities. BlueVenn platform users can create powerful predictive models through simple-to-use wizards, to make real-time decisions within a customer journey, that ensure the right campaigns and promotions are delivered to the right audience. As an open source programming language, made available through the GNU Project initiative, R is considered best in its class, built with statistics and data in mind. With R embedded in BlueVenn and overlaid with a predictive modeling wizard, BlueVenn enables everyday marketers to start using predictive analytics to analyze, segment, profile and model data for more targeted campaigns. As confidence in the platform grows, Users are then able to iteratively adjust variables and refine the models. In the future there will also be opportunity for marketers to create scripts for their own models, to further take advantage of the power of predictive analytics and modeling for marketing.

From the release: “Predictive analytics with BlueVenn can be used to create models that accurately predict the occurrence of an event and forecast an outcome. For example, to increase sales of a specific product. Given a set of people who have already bought the product, predictive analytics can be used to analyze the characteristics of previous purchasers, and then find other people with the same or similar characteristics who are more likely to purchase the same product,” BlueVenn COO Mark Jameson said.  “Knowing your ‘best prospects’, combined with a compelling offer, means using BlueVenn’s predictive tools could help significantly increase the likelihood of selling your product.”

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