Appcues for Product Adoption launched this week to enable companies to directly reach, influence, and engage users from within their products. The platform merges features for product onboarding and activation with targeting and analytics tools. Other benefits of Appcues for Product Adoption include a user-friendly editor to create beautiful, native-looking user experiences without coding, so the non-technical marketer can still create good customer experiences.

From the release: “For modern software businesses, the product is what customers interact with first, so for this reason, the first impression must be remarkable,” said Jonathan Kim, CEO and co-founder, Appcues. “Appcues for Product Adoption brings the power of personalization into a product, and more importantly, makes it simple and fun for everyone, especially non-developers, to create native, engaging user experiences.”

Link: BusinessWire

Visit Appcues for Product Adoption on CabinetM.

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