CabinetM‘s newest STACK UPdate™ is Acquia Journey.

STACK UPdate is a program to help the CabinetM user community stay abreast of the latest in marketing technology. The first element of this new program will be a series of vendor-specific reports covering new products or significant product updates, produced by CabinetM and provided at no charge to CabinetM registered users.

STACK Update Reports are designed to provide enough information for a marketing technology user to assess whether a product might be a fit for his or her requirements and to inspire a connection between a potential user and an innovative vendor.

The Acquia Journey platform provides marketing teams with the ability to map customer journeys, capture and centralize real-time customer data profiles with 1st and 3rd party data, identify key touch points, analyze failure points and create and execute personalized connected customer journeys across multiple marketing channels.

To learn more about STACK UPdates, contact Erica Ross at

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