AdQuick, the platform to purchase and measure outdoor advertising, announced it has added new analytics features to its outdoor advertising platform that help advertisers measure the impact of their campaigns — making outdoor advertising as measurable as online advertising. Once a client purchases their media via the AdQuick platform, they see a dashboard with a variety of integrated tools for analytics and metrics, including: AdQuick’s integration with Google Analytics, which measures lift in site traffic by area.

From the release: CEO of AdQuick and former head of expansion for Instacart said, “When I was on the client side trying to find and book outdoor advertising space, I found the process extremely frustrating. There wasn’t one place to go to find inventory, and once I did find space, the process to actually book was slow and tedious. Worse, no one could help me measure the impact of my campaigns. Based on our experiences at Instacart, we saw an opportunity to give customers a better way to buy, and give media companies tools to make them more modern.”

Link: MarketWired

Visit AdQuick on CabinetM.

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