Artsai has launched its AI-enabled platform to combine tools and functions in the marketing stack. Artsai’s patent-pending adaptive marketing automation technology is powered by an interconnected artificial intelligence marketing stack and performs multiple marketing tasks including new customer acquisition, user retention, retargeting, re-engagement, app monetization and content optimization.

From the release: “There are more than 5,000 companies in the marketing tech ecosystem, each one of them focusing on a tiny piece of the customer lifecycle journey. This oversaturation shows everything that is wrong with the industry right now,” said Yuri Khidekel, CEO of Artsai. “To date, marketing companies have really only used artificial intelligence to focus on improving campaign performance but they’ve missed the bigger opportunity to fundamentally change the overall marketing stack by holistically optimizing the entire customer lifecycle journey. We are focused on making everything simpler by reducing the number of disparate platforms brands needs to operate to help them run more efficiently, increasing their revenue and reducing their marketing costs.”
Link: WebWire
Visit Artsai on CabinetM.
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