Content Analytics, the end-to-end eCommerce management platform, launchesVendorSCOR, a solution that gives retailers the power to rate brands’ content. VendorSCOR combines deep analytics with robust content management capabilities to help retailers keep brands accountable for the product content they place on their site. With VendorSCOR, retailers can send brands scorecards on their quality of their content for each product, along with actionable insights for fixing and syndicating the content accordingly. By fostering this partnership between retailers and brands for superb product content, the program allows the two to work together to drive sales and deliver better customer experiences.

From the release: “Combining both analytics and content management is the key to surviving and winning in today’s ultra-competitive retail landscape. If retailers don’t provide consumers the information they need to make a purchase, they’ll simply go to one that will,” said Kenji Gjovig, VP of Partnerships and Business Development at Content Analytics. “Retailers, like Target, recognize the need for quality product content, but with an overwhelming set of priorities and a massive amount of data, it can be difficult to ensure every product’s content remains optimized and up-to-date. VendorSCOR not only monitors for a problem, but it also provides retailers and the brands they partner with the streamlined and user-friendly solutions to fix it together.”

Link: PR Web

Visit VendorSCOR on CabinetM.

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