ZenIQ 3.0 has launched as the new version of the marketing and sales orchestration platform. ZenIQ 3.0 more broadly measures and improves account engagement by determining what activities are most important to moving a customer through the sales cycle and what people in the account are most important to involve. This release helps marketers answer the questions ‘What is my ideal customer profile ?’ and ‘Who is in the buying center that I need to know?’ Account Engagement Signatures are now part of a sophisticated dashboard that compares account engagement activity among target accounts. A more optimal mix of marketing and sales programs, as well as campaigns, can then be delivered to increase results.  Advances in artificial intelligence built into the platform enable these new account engagement insights.

From the release: “We are grateful to be selected to participate in Startup Valley at Dreamforce this year,” stated ZenIQ CEO Srihari Kumar. “Dreamforce attracts hundreds of thousands of B2B marketing and sales professionals, many of whom are now embracing Account Based Marketing and Sales strategies and programs. We are excited to demonstrate ZenIQ 3.0.”

Link: PR Newswire

Visit ZenIQ on CabinetM.

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