Zeta Global, which builds technology to help brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships, has acquired Disqus and its audience engagement platform. The move has made Disqus a business unit of Zeta Global, and will give Disqus easy access to machine learning tools to automate comment moderation. The acquisition makes Zeta the only company able to offer personalized real-time marketing at scale on the open web.

From the release: “We’re redefining the marketing technology space with actionable data, artificial intelligence that answers business problems and a marketing hub that serves as the nerve center for data-driven marketers. Disqus extends and enhances this strategy. Marketers typically have to make tradeoffs between reaching engaged audiences on social platforms with massive reach and using tools that give them control and access to granular targeting capabilities. Disqus strengthens Zeta’s ability to offer the best of both worlds with the scale, visibility and performance marketers have been asking for,” said David A. Steinberg, Zeta Global CEO, Chairman and Co-Founder.

Link: PR Newswire

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