When marketers build stacks on CabinetM, we can see trends when Pardot appears. And they’re very different from HubSpot and Marketo patterns.

First, generalizations about stacks and large automation programs:

Just as large planets attract other celestial bodies, large-scale marketing technology platforms attract other, smaller tools, creating their own ecosystems. We’re also finding it’s not unusual to find an enterprise using Hubspot AND Salesforce, or Eloqua AND Marketo.


Pardot is an on-demand software solution. Pardot provides a simple marketing automation platform to grow pipeline and generate better leads by allowing marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, automate, and manage marketing campaigns online.

Pardot is very different when we come to the programs paired with it — for Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua, the most popular program in a stack with those programs is Google Analytics. For Pardot it’s LinkedIn and Twitter.

Pardot has many fewer programs than Marketo and Hubspot that are paired with it in CabinetM stacks.

Our StackMates graphic (above) has Pardot at the center, and you can see all the other platforms and tools that are Pardot StackMates– all these have appeared with Pardot multiple times in stacks. The farther out you go in our graphic, the less frequently those tools show up with Pardot on CabinetM.

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