Tapjoy is a mobile advertising and monetization platform that allows mobile app users to select ads to engage with in exchange for virtual rewards and premium content. It’s just added two new features for that engagement. Permanent Currency Sales give users chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with if that user meets certain criteria set by the marketer — being a regular user, for example. Custom Exchange Rates allow developers to easily set different levels of rewards for different user groups. Both are part of the “offerwall” section of the Tapjoy platform.

From the release: “If you look at some of the most savvy developers in the freemium space, you’ll see that they’re monetizing through both video and offerwall,” said Ben Chen, SVP Developer Relations at Tapjoy. “Your most engaged users are looking for premium rewards to help them progress through the game, which offerwall helps them unlock. As a developer, you win by having both integrated.”

Link: Medium

Visit Tapjoy on CabinetM.

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