Act-On, automation software allowing marketers to to adapt the customer journey using customer behaviors, preferences, and data, has added new features as GDPR is about to become law in the EU. GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation. In May 2018 it will mean all marketers must follow new privacy laws protecting European Union citizens. In response Act-On has launched “Local Sending,” which will allow marketers to send just in the country in which data is stored, matching updated data residency processes and protocols companies will being putting in place as part of their GDPR efforts. Transactional Sending will allow marketers using Act-On to send messages regardless of opt-out preferences, such as financial statements made mandatory by auditing requirements.

From the release: “As marketers, we are constantly looking for ways to improve on what we’ve done, new methods to optimize what we are already doing, and opportunities to be more effective and efficient in our work,” said Michelle Huff, CMO of Act-On Software. “At Act-On, we are marketers building technology for other marketers, so we experience the same challenges as our customers, which means we can build and solve for those pains a lot quicker and bring to market modules that will drastically improve the way they engage and communicate with their buyers.”

Link: BusinessWire

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