Crossix empowers healthcare companies and companies that care about health to plan, measure and optimize their marketing and communication initiatives. it’s new tool, Crossix DIFA HCP enables enhanced measurement of programmatic advertising across the full health care professional media landscape. Healthcare brands and agencies can now use DIFA HCP to measure and validate that their display, mobile, and video campaigns are reaching their target HCPs and driving impact. DIFA HCP verifies whether each media source within a campaign is reaching professionals on an advertiser’s target list and evaluates the overall ROI for each campaign, based on connecting HCP exposure to their patients’ treatment behavior.

From the release: “Crossix is all about developing solutions that push the industry forward, and with DIFA HCP, we are doing just that. Used as a supplement to existing publisher analyses, DIFA HCP offers marketers independent, third-party verification that their campaigns are reaching the intended target and driving meaningful impact across traditional and emerging media options,” said Dan Stein, SVP, Analytics Services & Product Strategy at Crossix.

Link: Crossix

Visit Crossix DIFA HCP on CabinetM.

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