It’s hanging around. You thought you dealt with it, but no, it haunts you. It’s the ghost of technology past.

Perhaps it’s the $8.99 monthly for the automated signature app that will link to your calendar. Or the $15.99 for the email function linking your newsletters and a landing page. Or $49.99 for an email marketing tool you just could never make work well with your team.

Have these purchases come to haunt your department? Do you know what other technology is chained to your budget? Can you imagine how bad it is for your entire enterprise?

In the Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol,” business owner Ebenezer Scrooge gets visited by three spirits who wish to illustrate Scrooge’s problems in a way he gets the message quickly. The ghost of Christmas yet to come has a bleak message: You didn’t take care of business, so you need to face the fact that your options now are limited.

Get a hold of your marketing technology now, while the spirit moves you. Contact Erica Ross in our office at for ways you can use our platform to figure out what you have, what you need, and what you can call a ghost. There’s no reason to go into 2018 chained to past technology. That’s just too scary.

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