Time and money — it’s what none of us will ever have enough of. But while you’re watching the calendar change over to 2018, you’re going to wonder how you’re going to make time or save time in the new year.

Working you do with marketing tools, you’re used to making up time by finding efficiencies anywhere possible. You have faster email, more targeted lists, programs finding you content, archiving your files and helping you communicate with the team. You can buy ads on an online network, communicate with your customer and check your supply chain at any hour from any laptop.

But are you aware those very programs are costing you time and money?

Last year’s products add up

Entire enterprises are using marketing technology. Email, digital asset management programs, video platforms, landing pages and app development tools are being used by sales, product development and human resources staff — you need those staff safety training videos produced the cheapest way possible, so yes, even HR is using marketing technology.

Add the fact that most programs allow you to download and start paying for them from any corporate credit card, you’re going to have a problem. That means anyone can charge technology against your bottom line. That means anyone can buy a second version of an email program or a video tool, and upgrade whenever its needed. Anyone can pay to test out a new tool without canceling the old one.

That means nobody is in charge of managing spend, adoption and use.

What’s that costing you?

How to make your problem solvable

If you’re a small business, think in terms of what you really need — an overview of what you need, what you’ll grow into, and what you’re spending.

If you can make all that work on a spreadsheet, you’re in good shape.

However, most companies find managing tech is a full time job.

Make CabinetM stack up

The new way to manage technology is to use marketing technology stacks to save you time and money.

CabinetM allows you and your teams to quickly build stacks of technology, so you can get a view of your entire enterprises’ use, spend, and even figure out who has tested and rejected technology. Identify savings quickly by knowing where tech is duplicated, what you can retire and what is costing you money.

Need more information? Erica Ross in our office is at eross@cabinetm.com. If you need to make time, she’ll have time.

Father time: Crushed by technology. Don’t let this be your story in 2018.

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