Sureshot, creator or solutions for marketing automation, launched a new connector framework to ease martech integration processes, as well as the user experiences (UX) of marketers everywhere. The Universal Connector Framework is an integration tool supports the creation of user interfaces on top of a data transfer layer and robust workflow engine.

From the release: “Ideally, automated marketing tools should increase efficiency and productivity, but using them often requires marketers to supplement the process with a series of manual tasks in order to make everything in the stack work together. It’s inefficient, dysfunctional and counterintuitive. Our framework eliminates this problem by taking the heavy lifting out of the integration process, equipping users with greater flexibility in how they connect their tools, and providing a UX that makes these integrations accessible for non-technical users,” Sureshot CEO David York said.

Link: MarketsInsider

Visit Sureshot on CabinetM.

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