What tools does the MarTech user pair most often with a testing platform?

That’s the question we answered with January’s StackMates graphic featuring Optimizely.

When marketers build stacks on CabinetM, we can see trends when they use tools together.

First, generalizations about stacks and marketing automation:

Just as large planets attract other celestial bodies, large-scale marketing technology platforms attract other, smaller tools, creating their own ecosystems. We’re also finding it’s not unusual to find an enterprise using Hubspot AND Salesforce, or Eloqua AND Marketo.

So what do we see with a tool designed for experimentation?

Optimizely is an A/B, multipage, and multivariate testing platform designed for organizations of all types and sizes. Advanced targeting, allocation, and scheduling features provide maximum flexibility. Analysts can schedule tests to run when desired, target tests to key visitor audiences, and precisely control the allocation of visitors to variations.

In stacks using Optimizely, we see there’s social media and analytics are used a great deal — bigger logos show us the product appears more often. Social media management tools aren’t as popular, but email tools are much more popular than in other stacks.

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