Mintigo has released Mintigo Predictive Audiences, a tool for Marketo customers to access and target high-quality audiences generated with real-time first and third-party data. Mintigo Predictive Audiences is an easy-to-use platform catering to small and growing companies seeking to drive greater returns from ABM. Mintigo and Marketo formed a partnership to combine Minigo’s predictive marketing and sales technology tools with Marketo’s account-based marketing expertise.

From the release: “Marketers are spending a lot of resources and efforts on implementing ABM. The one key missing ingredient is the discovery and targeting of the right audience,” says Jacob Shama, CEO and Co-founder at Mintigo. “This is where AI and Mintigo Predictive Audiences can make a huge difference in driving the best quality audiences for each ABM campaign.”

Link: Martech Series

Visit Mintigo Predictive Audiences on CabinetM.

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