Evergage has announced the acquisition of MyBuys, a merchandising products business from digital advertising technology company, Magnetic. This acquisition brings the benefits of broad-scale personalization and the ability to deliver individualized, cross-channel experiences to marketers. Evergage will migrate each MyBuys customer onto the Evergage personalization platform, and bring MyBuys staff (engineering, customer success and technical support) over to Everage. Evergage powers 1:1 personalization across websites, web and mobile apps, onsite search and email.

From the release: “Well-executed, truly personalized experiences are the bedrock of successful customer interactions and long-term customer relationships,” said Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and author of the book “One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning.” “We’re excited to welcome MyBuys’ team members and customers – who share this belief in the critical importance of personalization – and look forward to collaborating and innovating with them to advance our shared vision.”

Link: Evergage Blog

Visit Everage on CabinetM.

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