Engagement Labs has updated its  TotalSocial product with version 3.0, incorporating an artificial intelligence  and machine learning engine designed to accelerate the identification of opportunities and strategies for marketers who seek to increase effectiveness and drive sales through social media and offline word of mouth conversations. TotalSocial is a patent pending data and analytics platform, uniquely providing leading brands with a comprehensive view of the social ecosystem and its impact on their business. It is the only platform that combines online conversations about brands that take place via social media with offline, word of mouth conversations.

From the release: “Marketers need faster ways to generate actionable insights that can drive better business outcomes,” said Engagement Labs’ CEO Ed Keller. “By applying machine learning techniques to our TotalSocial platform, we can pinpoint the actions that have the highest ROI that marketers can use to improve their TotalSocial performance, marketing strategies and ultimately, sales.”

Link: MarketWired

Visit TotalSocial on CabinetM.

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