Conversica, a company supplying conversational AI for business, announced the recent acquisition of, a company focused on the Latin American sales and marketing AI space. Founded in 2016, Intelligens has more than 40 customers in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. The Intelligens acquisition brings with it new Facebook Messenger, Slack and Skype integrations and a rich repository of AI conversations in Spanish, adding to Conversica’s already extensive machine learning data set.

From the release: “Conversica is building the world’s best platform to automate business conversations with AI. Intelligens brings exciting capabilities that naturally extend Conversica’s solution to include new communication channels, conversations, language expertise and training data. The conversational AI space is exploding, with more and more organizations recognizing the value of automating routine conversations to grow revenue, manage costs and free up their human workforce for more productive activities. We recognized an opportunity with Intelligens to accelerate our product roadmap and add exceptional talent to our team. We are thrilled to bring aboard new customers and partners in Latin America and extend our reach into this fast-growing market of over 400 million native Spanish speakers,” said Conversica CEO Alex Terry.


Visit Conversica on CabinetM.

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