Social listening and analytics platform Talkwalker has announced the launch of Quick Search, an easy-to-use social media search engine with unlimited global searches. The new Quick Search helps marketers to instantly find content ideas, detect influencers, understand audiences, discover brand insights and spot trends. Quick Search analyzes billions of conversations to give marketers easy access to search results and key brand statistics like engagement, volume, sentiment, demographics and geographies. Featuring the most comprehensive coverage available, Quick Search delivers results across social media, online news, blogs and forums to give an overview of any brand or topic at once.

From the release: Robert Glaesener, CEO of Talkwalker said, “Quick Search is our secret weapon for marketers. Unlimited searches going back 13 months enable users to tap into millions of ideas to enhance the impact of their brands. This social media search engine is really as intuitive as a Google search, but its powerful results enable marketers to make better, data-backed decisions on the fly – whether it’s getting an idea for viral content, detecting an influencer, finding brand insights, spotting a trend or discovering what resonates with their audience. Quick Search is the fastest way to boost the impact of your brand communication.”

Link: MarTech Series

Visit Talkwalker Quick Search on CabinetM.

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