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Seller Labs spins off eCommerce platform Snagshout
June 22, 2017 Ecommerce

eCommerce solutions provider Seller Labs is spinning off its successful product, Snagshout, into its own company. Snagshout will operate as an eCommerce platform, and will be led by Seller Labs co-founder and former CEO Paul Johnson.

From the release: “We will be able to help brands connect with and engage shoppers in new and exciting ways. Snagshout will be much more than a great place to find deals on the internet. Snagshout will allow consumers to take a part in the marketing of the products they love. Not only will Snagshout be a product discovery platform but we will also allow brands to connect with socially engaged shoppers and encourage them to share their message across the internet. Our shoppers love to share their opinion on the products they purchase and we believe our platform is poised to become the top influencer destination,” said Johnson.

Link: PRnewswire

Visit Snagshout on CabinetM.

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Study: Personalization must tap into relevant data
June 22, 2017 Personalization

Qubit, maker of personalization technology,has released its analysis of more than two billion user journeys and 120 million purchases to determine what uplift should eCommerce businesses expect from specific optimization techniques.

The data shows that programmatic and personalization experiences that tap into customer, product, or business data are providing anywhere from 2-to-14 times more incremental revenue per visitor versus traditional optimization efforts, which focus mainly on cosmetic changes such as colors and location of buttons. Conversely, experiences like popups or buttons that take a user back to the top of the page, can even have a negative impact.

“Now is the moment for transparency in our industry,” said Graham Cooke, founder and CEO of Qubit. “eCommerce leaders have to get personalization right when they’re trying to compete against the likes of Amazon, and yet it’s so hard to know what really works. We want every marketer to know precisely what tactics will help them beat the 800-pound eCommerce gorilla, and I invite other vendors in our industry to do the same.”

Read the study here, and visit Qubit on CabinetM.

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CabinetM and Boston’s MarTech scene
June 22, 2017 CabinetM Commentary

The Boston Business Journal and CabinetM compiled a list of companies highlighting the fact that Boston is now a marketing technology hotspot. Reasons?

  • The bigger companies like Logmein, Hubspot and Constant Contact aren’t crowding out startups by sucking up all the talent and real estate.
  • It’s the home of CabinetM. Born in Boston but used all over the world.
  • You’ll find wisdom shared between marketers and vendors with enough density, which begets conferences like MarTech Boston to be held in October.

Check out the list of Boston MarTech startups in the Boston Business Journal.

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Pond5 launches add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro
June 21, 2017 MarTech Product News

Pond5 announced the availability of the Pond5 Add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro, a free plug-in available through the Adobe Premiere extension panel that makes millions of royalty-free HD and 4K video as well as music and sound effects immediately accessible. A download of the free Pond5 add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a free collection of 50 pre-selected clips valued at over $1,000.00, which users can try out in their projects to get started.

From the release: “When we designed the Pond5 add-on for Adobe Premiere Pro, we knew that one of the most valuable things we could do was help our customers save time while improving their workflow,” states Jason Teichman, CEO of Pond5. “That’s why this seamless integration into the Adobe Premiere Pro CC interface brings users all the power of the Pond5 collection without ever forcing you to leave the application.”

Link: Broadcast Beat

Visit Pond5 on CabinetM.

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Snap Map lets Snapchatters announce their location
June 21, 2017 MarTech Product News, Social Media Marketing

Snapchat has just released a feature called Snap Map, allowing users to announce their location while the app is open. Locations are not available while the app is closed, allying fears of remote tracking. Users can use “Ghost Mode” to conceal their location.

Link: Snapchat

Visit Snapchat x on CabinetM.

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CabinetM now has 7,000 MarTech products in its database
June 21, 2017 CabinetM Commentary, CabinetM Stacks

CabinetM, the discovery and management platform for marketing technology strategy and digital transformation, today announced it now has more than 7,000 products in its industry-leading technology database.

That’s 7,000 and counting.

Comprised of products in marketing technology, sales enablement and adtech, CabinetM’s directory has cataloged products in more than 300 categories, allowing marketers and those who utilize marketing technology in their roles, to easily find the products they need.

CabinetM is adding between 10 and 20 products each week to the directory, as marketers share the names of the products they are trying to add to their stacks, that aren’t yet in the database. You may need to check this out. 

h/t GIPHY for the fabulous Gwen Stefani gif.

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Data Mining tools for storytellers
June 20, 2017 Big Data


Data mining tools, in essence, are software programs that help you look at your information in new ways, so you can tell that story. Break down giant sales numbers into buying patterns of 18-25 year olds. You can take giant inventory numbers worldwide and figure out what is not selling well in Southwest Ohio and Northern Michigan. And you can get information about what the most popular items are sold on Friday nights – so if you’re looking to target 19-year-olds in Cincinnati, you know what you can pitch on social media channels on Thursday nights.

What you need to do is find the tool for you. This one could be too big, this one granular, and the one for you is just right.

So many tales, so little time – check out these data mining tools to see if they fit into your storyline.


HPE IDOL is an advanced AI-driven enterprise search and data analytics solution. The platform enables out-of-the-box access to 150 data repositories behind and beyond your firewall. HPE IDOL lets you search and analyze text, images, audio, and video from virtually any source.
BEST FEATURES: Access virtually any data sources behind and outside the firewall, and index data without relocation and disruption.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualization service that quickly discovers patterns and meaning in data. With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, users can interact with data conversationally to get answers.|
BEST FEATURES: Natural language dialogue and automated predictive analytics.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Turn DataMine Analytics converts  raw data into understandable, powerful insights. Dig deeper to find out about an audience and campaigns. Uncover what works and what doesn’t, illuminating the when, where, and how. With better analytics you can strategize to create the changes that can boost results.
BEST FEATURES: Stores and manages the data in the cloud, which also gives marketers the ability to scale quickly and massively when needed.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Entrinsik Informer is reporting and business intelligence software that delivers ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis, and interactive dashboards all in one intuitive, user-friendly environment. Among its capabilities are in creating reports and dashboards by securely extracting data from relational or MultiValue data sources in one web interface. Informer can differentiate a solution by integrating advanced analytics and dashboards. The program also offers Self-service reporting and business intelligence for every user in your organization regardless of technical ability.
BEST FEATURES: Supports multiple data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Informix, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, U2, Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and data warehouses.
PRICING: One-time fee is required. See vendor for details.


KnowledgeCORE is advanced data mining and predictive analytics software that reduces coding time by more than 30% for data preparation, model building and deployment. Get insight and deliver results in a fraction of the time needed by its competitors. KnowledgeCORE offers an easy-to-use framework featuring pre-built functional nodes and custom program creation in SAS and R languages.
BEST FEATURES: Offers speed and therefore a financial savings. Easy navigation through drag-and-drop and wizards.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CXAIR is a search-powered data analytics platform featuring a comprehensive visual dashboard, a user-friendly drag and drop interface, and functionality to shape vast amounts of data into visual charts, tables, graphs and infographics. CXAIR lets you explore data using ‘natural language’ search engine style queries, as well as rapidly filtering results by simply clicking on values on the screen or generating different filters. By making the process of querying easy, the user can select the data they desire without having to rely on running pre-canned reports or SQL queries.
BEST FEATURES: Unlike other solutions, position your reporting data anywhere. Users can structure and group related data together, incorporating logos, pictures, images and text as if typing data into a publishing package.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Lavastorm is a business intelligence platform that combines self-service data preparation with advanced analytics. Lavastorm enables business users and IT to build sophisticated analytical applications without requiring coding. When presenting, Collaborate on the design and configuration of analytic graphs against a shared data set.
BEST FEATURES: The Server editions of the Lavastorm Analytics Engine scale to analyze billions of records per day.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Study: User Generated Content influences 90% of choices to buy
June 19, 2017 Content Marketing

User-Generated Content is king when it comes to influencing a buyer.

Results from a recent study show most shoppers (90 percent) report UGC influences their decisions to make a purchase, outranking all other forms of marketing, including search engines (87 percent) and promotional emails (79 percent), which came in second and third. Notably, shoppers are also willing to pay more (81 percent) and wait longer (81 percent) for products paired with UGC.

The study,  “Hearing the Voice of the Consumer: UGC and the Commerce Experience,” was developed by TurnTo and executed by Ipsos. Additional findings include:

  • Nearly a quarter of female shoppers (24 percent) consider UGC to be the most influential marketing tool.
  • Shoppers under 30 report a greater influence of UGC in purchasing decisions versus older respondents. Of those aged 18-29, 97 percent report UGC has an extreme influence.

CabinetM offers a database of 7,000 tools, including the tools to automate the process of getting user generated content in front of your future shoppers. Browse categories such as Influencer Marketing, Social Influencer Marketing, Social Media Content tools and Hashtag Marketing tools.

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Mona Lisa from Gravity4 uses AI to automate media buying, attribution
June 19, 2017 Artificial Intelligence, MarTech Product News

Big data marketing cloud company Gravity4 has introduced Mona Lisa, the first artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant for online advertising across 19 countries. Brands use this machine learning prediction management platform to forecast media channels that will achieve optimal results in a programmatic environment. Mona Lisa’s aims are to push predictive analytics, attribution, media buying, optimization and placement into one dashboard.

From the release: “There is a tremendous opportunity for AI in a market that has grown to $200 billion worldwide,” said founder and CEO, Gurbaksh Chahal. “When brands deploy machine learning programmatically, they can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagement. The results are directional guidance for media channels can tune to, which to divest and which to accelerate automatically. This is why we’re proud to announce Mona Lisa. This platform further separates us from Oracle, Adobe, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.”

Link: Huffington Post

Visit Mona Lisa on CabinetM.

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Roundme adds Panorama Folders
June 15, 2017 MarTech Product News

Roundme, the VR platform for creating 360 degree images, publishing panoramic views, sharing individual VR experience with worldwide community users, has added Panorama Folders. The new feature allows you to structure large tours with many panoramas into a logical folders that make it easier for you and your viewers to navigate.

Visit at CabinetM.

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Instagram sets standard for sponsored posts
June 14, 2017 MarTech Product News

Instagram is rolling out a new standard for sponsored posts. New tags will allow creators to, and perhaps set the standard that they should, clearly communicate to their followers when they are working in partnership with a business. They will note on posts and stories that publishers are working in “paid partnerships with” sponsors.

From the release: “Not only is this level of transparency beneficial for our community, but it also gives creators and businesses the ability to track and share insights around a partnered post,” noted a blog post from the Instagram Business Team.

Link: Instagram

Visit Instagram on CabinetM>



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Content Performance to aid WP Engine users in driving engagement
June 14, 2017 MarTech Product News

WP Engine launched Content Performance, the company’s latest Performance Intelligence solution for marketers and publishers looking to drive higher brand engagement with greater agility through WordPress and greater insights into their entire WordPress content. With visual reporting based on the taxonomy of the customer’s WordPress site, Content Performance measures categories, authors, posts, and tags against nine Google Analytics metrics, including unique visitors, time on site, new users and bounce rate.

From the Release: “Today, WordPress powers 28 percent of the web and we believe analytics should include WordPress specific insights for marketers and publishers to understand how their content is performing and impacting business,” said Jason Cohen, Founder & CTO, WP Engine. “Content Performance fills this void by offering simple and accessible performance analytics customized to improve digital experiences for WordPress. As the latest addition to our Performance Intelligence suite of solutions, Content Performance helps further our promise to continuously develop the tools and insights our customers need to win online.”

Link: WP Engine

Visit Content Performance online at CabinetM.

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Find the right native advertising tool for the job
June 12, 2017 Advertising

The boss has assigned you the daunting task of launching a native advertising campaign, with a full report tracking its performance. It’s not a matter of why,  it’s a matter of when. Worry not, marketer! Pick the right tool based on your time, budget and skill level.

Native Advertising is ad content that fits with the look and feel of any content. “Look and feel” means style and colors, yes, but being truly “native” also recognizes how your ad appears, creatively-speaking. Rather than interrupt the viewer experience, native ads should blend in, and if done right, should also engage the viewer.

Native ads are said to drive higher brand lift, web traffic and purchase intent than traditional ads. Here are some solutions that make native advertising easy, scalable, and measurable across desktop and mobile.


OfferLogic is a native ad platform designed to help business leaders and advertisers boost brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales, but without disrupting the user experience. The platform includes features for testing ad performance, and easy-to-use analytics so that you can make informed decisions.
BEST FEATURES: You can perform A/B & multivariate testing of offers and containers to determine which ones work best. With OfferLogic, you can continuously improve cross-sell performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Adtile is a native advertising solution designed for mobile. Publishers and brands can easily monetize mobile through premium, responsive native format, without compromising the experience for website visitors. Produce one ad and Adtile will optimize it for each device it’s displayed on, saving time and money, while increasing user engagement.
BEST FEATURES:  User-friendly dash­board provides performance details of all campaigns and helps you better understand your audience.
PRICING: See vendor for details.  


Avocarrot is a programmatic native ad exchange for mobile apps, based on the premise that non-interruptive advertising is especially important on mobile devices where screen size is limited. The platform demonstrates measurable improvement in mobile app revenue up to 300%.
BEST FEATURES: Quick and easy set up.  Deploy changes over-the-air to all your users at a click of a button.Scale a single campaign across multiple properties.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


StumbleUpon is a content discovery platform that allows people to find and rate products, videos and other content that is personalized to their interests. StumbleUpon leverages peer-sourcing and social-networking principles. Brands, publishers and marketers take advantage of Stumbleupon Ads, a rich, full-screen native advertising solution that makes content itself the ad. Content is presented full-screen, without distraction, to a selected audience based on age, gender, location, device and interests.
BEST FEATURES:  Distribute all forms of content with a URL, including articles, videos and slideshows.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


StackAdapt supports 100% customized, responsive native ad units styled to match any site’s content. Your in-feed native ad is served across 45,000 premium publishers worldwide to attract the interest of your target audience. Brands and agencies can tap into StackAdapt’s resources for paid brand content amplification.
BEST FEATURES: Your content remains on your blog or content hub, ready to be turned into an in-feed native ad.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Bidtellect provides marketers with access to the most sophisticated web-based software. Bidtellect offers native ad planning, buying, selling and overall management all from a single platform. Advertisers, agencies and media companies can manage desktop, mobile, tablet and video native ad placements.
BEST FEATURES: Delivers multi-format in-ad, in-feed and content recommendation placements. Delivers In-depth reporting and highly-efficient optimization technology.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


plista specializes in native advertising and content distribution in premium environments. Featuring strong native engagement formats, plista helps advertisers, website and app owners earn sustainable brand recognition, boost site traffic and monetize more digital products.
BEST FEATURES: Proprietary real-time Recommendation Technology plus user-individual delivery content and advertising across all channels and devices.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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InboxChoice routes native and display ads real time
June 10, 2017 MarTech Product News

PowerInbox, an email monetization partner for marketers, agencies and publishers, introduced InboxChoice, a premium advertising network for approved email publishers and advertisers. InboxChoice launches with many publishers, including ABC, Hearst, The Enthusiast Network, and Bonnier, as well as ads from brands Dermstore, Casper, HomeAdvisor, PCH,, and EBay. It matches sought after inventory from popular email publishers with high value advertising content.

From the release: “Our top publishers and advertisers recognize the importance of maintaining quality and sophistication across content and advertising,” said Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of PowerInbox. “Publishers that have worked hard to earn their readers’ trust need to know ad placements will reflect well on their own brand. Similarly, advertisers have shown us they are willing to pay a premium to reach those readers alongside content from these publishers. By narrowing the pool of participants on both sides and maintaining consistent standards for each, we can remove risk of unwanted associations from real time ad selection for premium brands.”

Link: PowerInbox

Visit InboxChoice on CabinetM.

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All posts by Kat Powers

All posts by Kat Powers

LogmeIn launches new CRM solution Bold 360
June 8, 2017 CRM, Customer Relationship Management, MarTech Product News

LogMeIn, Inc. has launched Bold360, an intelligent customer engagement platform that provides a modern, flexible way for companies to interact with customers and get a real-time 360-degree view of all touchpoints and contextual data in a single solution. The system includes omni-channel interfaces where marketers can reach customers across multiple platforms, including social and email. Bold 360 integrates with programs such as Salesforce and Zendesk.

From the release: “There is a significant white space when it comes to engagement capabilities of traditional CRM tools,” said Paddy Srinivasan, General Manager, Customer Engagement and Support Solutions. “As customer expectations change, the old way of managing customer interactions will no longer suffice. Bold360 not only helps businesses interact with their customers, but also builds intelligent & actionable profiles that help brands offer the right recommendation at the right time based on all the information about that customer – not just a small subset based on past interactions. As Bold360 continues to evolve and capabilities expand, those customer profiles will continue to get richer and will serve as an essential tool for customer service organizations everywhere.”

Link: GlobeNewsWire

Visit Bold 360 on CabinetM.

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CMS Wire: Where are you fitting AI into your marketing strategy?
June 8, 2017 CabinetM Commentary ,

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton tackles the big question this week in CMS Wire: What is AI and how do you make it work for your marketing goals?

Part of the confusion with AI is that it’s an enabling technology, not a product in itself….The truth is many vendors are blurring the lines of machine learning and artificial intelligence and in many cases their products are leveraging machine learning rather than artificial intelligence.

How do you get AI to work for you? What’s your first step? See Brearton in CMS Wire.

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Photo editing tools you can use on the run
June 7, 2017 Content Marketing ,

You need photos to use online — from your client’s location, around the office, at the manufacturing plant. Here’s the catch — it needs to be fast, it needs to be on your phone, and you need to repurpose not just for social but maybe for print.

What photo editing tools should you be using? The good news is, there are a great many excellent tools to choose from; the bad news is there are a great many excellent tools to choose from. This is definitely one of those times when the sheer number of options can be kind of bewildering. Make it easier on yourself — checking off a few boxes helps you zero in on the ideal solution. Will you need to shoot and edit photos only occasionally, or every single day? Are you really good at this, or is it more of a necessity? Desktop, tablet, smartphone or all of the above? Are you a Mac or a PC? iPhone or Android? Start with what you already have, and take a look at the photo editing options that are compatible, affordable, and aligned with your skill level.


Hipstamatic is the award-winning iPhone app with filter packs created by the world’s most talented photography experts. The Classic edition lets you swipe through to automatically apply lenses, flashes, and retro films. For more manual control, opt for the Pro edition to tweak focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and aspect ratio.
BEST FEATURE: Capture quickly and edit on iPhone or iPad with fully native support and synchronized Favorite Presets via iCloud. Speedy Print Lab for physical prints delivered almost anywhere in the world, even for square photo format.
PRICING: $2.99


Available either stand-alone or bundled with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom makes it easy to create, edit, organize and share professional-quality images. What’s great is you can get the Lightroom mobile edition free with subscription, so if your company owns a Creative Cloud subscription you get LR Mobile free. Lightroom Mobile lets you do it all on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
BEST FEATURES: Create stunning images in seconds with 40+ one-tap presets. You can even connect to other Adobe apps like Photoshop Fix to retouch and refine your work.
PRICING: $149 stand-alone, or as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for $9.99/month. Mobile app is free for subscribers.


Photolemur is a new AI-driven photo enhancement solution for Mac and Windows desktop. Designed for busy people light on pro skills, Photolemur analyzes millions of pixels per second, identifies features and details (faces, trees, sky), and automatically adjusts for daylight, exposure, shadows, haze, and colors.
BEST FEATURES:  Photolemur learns over time as you save photos as a “success” or delete them to a “blacklist.” The more you teach Photolemur what works, the smarter it becomes.


PaintShop Pro by Corel is an easy-to-use, affordable photo editing software suite for Windows, and it’s compatible with tablets or stylus-friendly PCs. PaintShop Pro offers a versatile set of responsive photo editing features, and a handy template menu that instantly right-sizes your images for social media covers, ad banners and other commonly used standard-sized digital assets.
BEST FEATURES: Compatible with The Nik Collection by Google, which includes seven powerful plugins.
PRICING: $63.99


Picktorial is an innovative photo editing solution for Mac that’s designed for photographers of all skill levels. From quick fixes and touch-ups to detailed work, you will find everything you need in an easy-to-use dashboard. Picktorial can be used either as an extension for OS X Photos or as a stand-alone application.
BEST FEATURES: Practical editing tools such as skin smoothing and patching so you can easily erase unwanted objects. Workflow management include photo organizing, before and after view, instant export and sharing.
PRICING: $24.99.


PicMonkey is an easy-to-use desktop and mobile photo editor that works on Android and iPhone. In addition to a menu of filters and effects, you get a massive gallery of original overlays and extras such as seasonal clip-art, labels and a library of graphics numbers.
BEST FEATURES: More than a thousand quality overlays to resize, re-layer and recolor. Desktop and mobile editions let you edit photos on the fly or at your desk.
PRICING: $3.99 per month




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Talk: Women women and VC funding
June 5, 2017 Industry Buzz

Women are now the majority owners of 38% of US businesses.

Yet these firms employ only 8% of the nation’s private sector workforce, generate 4% of the nation’s business revenues, and access 2.4% of VC funding. Venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founders in 2016. Meanwhile, women received just $1.46 billion in VC money last year, according to data from M&A, private equity, and venture capital database PitchBook.

Come see CabinetM co-founder Sheryl Shultz discuss “Gender Equity in our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” June 23 in Portland, Maine as she discusses the issue with women leaders in the tech world.

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Drones as a Service market to soar to $8.15B
June 5, 2017 MarTech Product News

Drones used for analytics and to collect Big Data will become a multi-billion dollar industry in the next decade, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. 

The information gathered by drones, which will be supported by giant analytics packages, is what is in the forecast for marketers seeking out product information, user data and performance numbers. And with the drones will come new MarTech:

The increasing adoption of drones in commercial sectors is leading to a revolution in big data cloud services. Launching a drone to capture images is the preliminary step in the drone information acquisition process. The captured images then require correction, calibration, processing, storage, and efficient evaluation.

Watch for tech to grow with drone services: Compression of great amounts of data collected, greater use of analytics, on-board processing increases and even AI being used to interpret drone imaging.

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