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Postalytics launches self-service direct mail platform
October 8, 2017 New Products

Postalytics has launched its self-service direct mail automation application. Postalytics is all-in-one solution that turns direct mail into a digital marketing channel so marketers can send personalized emails automatically to new leads.

From the release: “Postalytics makes it super easy for HubSpot customers to create direct mail that complements their inbound marketing strategies” said Dennis Kelly, CEO of Postalytics. “We’ve created a truly digital marketing channel, which happens to generate, mail and track personalized postcards and letters. It’s a perfect match for HubSpot customers.”

Link: Postlytics

Visit Postlytics on CabinetM.

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Demandbase relaunches B2b tool as ABM Platform
October 6, 2017 Account Based Marketing

Demandbase relaunched its B2B marketing automation platform as Demandbase ABM Platform, with a simpler setup and ability to manage account-based campaigns across the entire funnel.  The tool includes targeting, engagement and conversion solutions as one integrated platform. Demandbase is now using AI to improve account identification rates and boost close rates by providing greater insights to sales teams. The new platform also offers users a straightforward self-service interface that makes it easy to select target accounts, manage audiences across campaigns, integrate account information from a CRM system, and measure the performance of ABM programs based on pipeline and revenue.

From the release: “There are too many risks and technical barriers to overcome in trying to stitch together an ABM strategy using disparate technologies that don’t use a common data model to follow and measure a business audience throughout the entire funnel and lifecycle,” said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase. “What’s been missing from ABM technology is an integrated platform that makes it easier to implement, execute and grow your ABM efforts seamlessly. I’m confident the new AI-based platform introduced today with fully integrated targeting, engagement and sales conversion solutions will set us apart for many years to come.”

Link: Demandbase

Visit Demandbase ABM Platform at CabinetM.

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Mautic releases Maestro for multiple campaigns, launches intelligence tool in beta
October 5, 2017 Data Mangement

Mautic has added to its marketing automation platform by releasing Maestro, which will automate marketing for multiple accounts. Mautic Maestro allows agencies to measure performance of multiple programs, and then scale and replicate the successful programs. Mautic has also announced it is releasing Mautic Maven in beta, which will not only offer customer intelligence about individual organization’s data, but also provide anonymized data collected from the 200,000+ organizations using Mautic.

From the release: “The launch of Maestro and upcoming introduction of Maven further establishes Mautic as a disruptive force in the marketing technology space,” said Mautic CEO, Matt Johnston. “Mautic’s Open Marketing Cloud puts an end to siloed, slow marketing automation, and enables companies to create a seamless, personalized experience across all their digital properties and channels.”

Link: Markets Insider

Visit Mautic on CabinetM.

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OpenDSP acquired by SRAX
October 4, 2017 Advertising

OpenDSP, a demand-side platform, was acquired by SRAX, which provides an ad exchange platform and other tools to optimize marketing performance. The OpenDSP technology delivers an open DSP for Real-Time Bidding, including comprehensive tools for media buying, data collection, management, analytics and optimization.

From the release: “OpenDSP has developed a unique DSP with exciting Real-Time Bidding (RTB) and targeting capabilities that will fit perfectly into the SRAX Platform,” said Christopher Miglino, CEO and Chairman of SRAX. “Not only does the technology acquired complement our DSP, but it will also be powerful and valuable to the buy-side of our business serving brands and agencies.”

Link: MarTech Series

Visit SRAX on CabinetM.

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Tools to fit your online holiday plan
October 4, 2017 Advertising

Remember the old days when advertising meant creating pretty boxes that would hold up newspaper stories, and you’d hope the story on your page wouldn’t conflict with the ad?

That’s a distant past now.

Now you can track tiny movements in customer search history, figure out how long it’s been since a former buyer browsed your site and recommend products like those seen on other eCommerce sites. While newspaper ads are still relevant, the ability to track online habits and sales and reactions are a boon to savvy marketers.

For a marketer, day at the office can easily be spent in day-to-day tasks, getting ad collateral online, tracking user visits, tweaking ads, optimizing and analyzing performance.

You may know this to be true, but how do you do it automatically? Check out the following three rules and some product types that can help get the job done.

How do you pick a tool to get you managing online ads like its 2017?

  1. Come up with a strategy. You always, always need a strategy first, and the tool second. Coming up with a strategy to fit the cool tool is a fool’s errand.
  2. Find the tool that works with the channels you use. Don’t buy the “everything” package if you’re a small business looking for social media ad platforms. Likewise, don’t limit yourself to a tool with a few thousand ad impressions if you’re looking to automate a very large process.
  3. Measure your successes, and tweak failures quickly. Get a dashboard that feels comfortable to you and your team. Make sure you can track what matters to you (Advertising loading speed? Conversions?) and that you and your team can truly assess your success. All dashboards are not equal — think about whether you need very visual tools, or something very flexible to build for the future. Whatever you do, don’t keep the stats on a spreadsheet you think you can manage. That process belongs to the age of the fax machine.

Following are tools that can fit your online advertising plan.


Nanigans is multi channel automation software. It is a subscription-based product designed to automate and scale campaigns across today’s most valuable digital channels. The software automates customer acquisition and remarketing campaigns with cross-channel programmatic media buying, predictive revenue optimization, and real-time business intelligence tools. Features include multichannel, cross-device, universal bidding and optimization; a platform for ad management, creation, bidding, budgeting, testing, optimization and deployment; a Predictive Lifetime Value based automated bidding and optimization algorithms; and Real-time business intelligence tools offering unmatched transparency into cost, ROI, bids, and performance data.
BEST FEATURES: Real-time reporting and analysis on 100+ parameters.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Sortable’s Ad Engine works behind the scenes using machine learning to optimize ad impressions. It analyzes millions of impressions daily and makes real-time decisions on which networks should fill ad space. Route your ad impressions to the partner who is most likely to fill at the highest cost per thousand. By making algorithmic decisions about your ad deployment, Sortable will decrease the time it takes for your ads to load.
BEST FEATURES: With an Ad Engine takes loss into account when routing traffic, ensure your impressions are served to the right partners first.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Media Optimizer helps manage and automate ad campaigns. Its accurate algorithms for online advertising campaigns deliver precise forecasts and superior optimization, while integration with Adobe Analytics helps reach retargeting and high-value audiences in real time and at scale across web and mobile channels. Features include forecasting models that predict campaign performance for search, PLA, and mobile campaigns, including social ad management for Twitter and Facebook.
BEST FEATURES: Adobe Media Optimizer accurately predicts the impact of changes to search, display, and social ads, then helps manage and automate the campaigns.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Sharethrough Ad Manager (SAM) enables marketers to promote any content type as native ads in the content feeds of the world’s best publishers. The program offers an optimization engine to deliver the best performance for every campaign. Content Engagement Ads from Sharethrough brands extend stories outside of their creation platforms and embed them directly in the feeds of the best sites and apps.
BEST FEATURES: Video View Ads pair in-feed video with native ad headlines, allowing brands to deliver a key message before the viewer even clicks and maximizing earned view time.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


AdSpeed Ad Server is a comprehensive platform with powerful ad management and ad serving features. The solution helps users to display targeted advertisements on all screens and channels: websites, blogs, email newsletters, mobile devices, and mobile apps. Ad tags keep track of multiple ad metrics and provide reports on ad impressions, clicks, events, revenue, and conversions.
BEST FEATURES: Ad business directory and invoice management are included.
PRICING: Packages start at $9.95 for 100,000 monthly impression credits.

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Oracle releases Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud
October 3, 2017 Data Mangement

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud was released by Oracle at its Oracle OpenWorld 2017. Powered by Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud integrates adaptive machine learning to deliver self-driving, self-tuning, self-recovering, and self-scaling administration—without human intervention—resulting in streamlined operations, more efficient consumption of resources, and higher security and reliability. With built-in automation at all levels to perform maintenance tasks, companies can now use their valuable IT resources to focus on extracting more value from the data they currently manage to directly influence business opportunities and outcomes.

From the release: “This is the most important thing we’ve done in a long, long time,” said Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison. “The automation does everything. We can guarantee availability of 99.995 percent, less than 30 minutes of planned or unplanned downtime.”

Link: Oracle

Visit Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud on CabinetM.

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StackInsights: MarTech stacks built in September
October 2, 2017 Stack Insights

“My favorite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.” –Groucho Marx

Looking at Marketing Technology stacks at CabinetM, marketers had a lot of data about Google products. In the top 10 products chosen by marketers for their marketing technology stacks, Google was huge: Analytics, Adwords, Cloud ML Platform and Google Docs were all at the top.

Making the top 10 for the first time was Curata Curation Software.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

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Snapchat launches 3D World Lenses, letting brand characters star in user videos
October 1, 2017 Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Snapchat has launched 3D World Lenses with early campaigns with Bud Light and Warner Bros’ reboot of the Blade Runner franchise. The product allows brands to offer 3D objects that may be inserted into user videos. Objects — in this case a cartoon beer seller and a vehicle from the Blade Runner movie — can be animated and can be moved and resized to fit the scene. Sponsored 3D World Lens campaigns are only available to purchase through Snapchat’s direct sales team.

Link: Marketing Land

Visit Sponsored 3D World Lenses on CabinetM.

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CabinetM launches STACK UPdates: CaliberMind
October 1, 2017 Uncategorized

CabinetM today launched STACK UPdates™ a new program to help the CabinetM user community stay abreast of the latest in marketing technology. The first element of this new program will be a series of vendor-specific reports covering new products or significant product updates, produced by CabinetM and provided at no charge to CabinetM registered users.

STACK Update Reports are designed to provide enough information for a marketing technology user to assess whether a product might be a fit for his or her requirements and to inspire a connection between a potential user and an innovative vendor.

CaliberMind CDP STACK UPdates: Click the cover to download the report.

Key elements of STACK Update Reports include:

  • Identification of the pain point the product addresses
  • Value proposition
  • Competitive differentiation
  • The ideal technology environment in which to integrate the product
  • Pricing
  • Skills required to install the product

The first report in the STACK Updates series is an overview of the CaliberMind CDP platform.  “Working with CabinetM was easy, said Raviv Turner, CEO of CaliberMind.  We are very much aligned in our desire to expose the right product information in as simple a way as possible, to enable prospective customers to self-identify themselves.”

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Nielsen to acquire Visual IQ, boosting understanding of Big Data
September 30, 2017 Advertising, Big Data

Nielsen Holdings has announced it will acquire Visual IQ, a MarTech vendor offering multi-touch attribution tools boosting ROI for brand marketers. The acquisition boosts Nielsen’s ability to process large datasets as well as improve access to proprietary data from advertisers and publishers.

From the release: “Our acquisition of Visual IQ strengthens Nielsen’s powerful capabilities in the marketing effectiveness space, bringing speed and granularity at scale to ROI measurement,” said Matt Krepsik, Global Head of Product Leadership for Marketing ROI, Nielsen. “Visual IQ’s rich history of marketing attribution and digital intelligence combined with Nielsen’s gold-standard marketing effectiveness solutions will provide advertisers, publishers and agencies with a holistic platform that offers the transparency to optimize and improve the return on marketing investments.”

Visit Nielsen on CabinetM.

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HubSpot Sales Professional updates include smart email, predictive lead scoring
September 28, 2017 Sales Enablement

HubSpot announced upgrades to its “Professional” offering of HubSpot Sales, adding automation, predictive lead scoring, and other advanced features for growing sales teams. The platform has added smart email templates, document tracking, automated meeting calendar functionality, web chat, predictive lead scoring, and automated email sequences.

From the release: “When we launched HubSpot Free CRM and Sales at INBOUND 2014, our goal was to create a new suite of tools that would help our customers grow their businesses faster. The good news is that it worked – but as our customers have scaled their businesses, their sales software needs have evolved as well,” said Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of HubSpot. “HubSpot Sales Professional is the next step up, and has the tools growing sales teams need to open better relationships and close more deals.”

Link: HubSpot

Visit HubSpot Sales Professional on CabinetM.

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Taboola launches Data Marketplace for audience segmentation
September 28, 2017 Data Mangement

Taboola Data Marketplace is a transparent marketplace that gives advertisers access to third party consumer data from the world’s leading data providers within the Taboola platform. Taboola Data Marketplace empowers marketers by providing access to data companies, helping them better target relevant audiences in the Taboola Publisher Network. Oracle Data Cloud, Neustar, and Acxiom are the first companies providing data to Taboola.

From the release:  “We now offer brands, agencies and businesses of all sizes effective scale by empowering them with easy and visible access to the world’s best data companies,” said Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola in the Taboola blog. “When we say visible—we mean it. When you log in as a Taboola marketer to our data marketplace, you’ll be presented with a list of data providers, alongside a predicted cost per acquisition (CPA), suggesting what type of performance you should expect if you were to add a new campaign with that data company.”

Link: Taboola Blog

Visit Taboola Data Marketplace on CabinetM.

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Square is enabling support for Apple Pay on the web
September 28, 2017 Ecommerce

Square has announced it is enabling support for Apple Pay on the web. The support doesn’t require coding or an update. For end-users, this means reduce checkout time and drop off rates, Square reported. Apple Pay on the web allows shoppers to make online transactions securely and conveniently on supported iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Link: 9to5Mac

Visit Apple Pay on CabinetM.

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SugarCRM adds Hint to help marketers quickly learn who their customers are
September 27, 2017 CRM

SugarCRM added Hint to its Relationship Intelligence suite of products, offering details about customers that had not previously been available to marketers on the fly. Hint from SugarCRM accelerates call preparation time by providing you with all the customer contact and social network information you need with just a name and an email.

From the release: “The way we’ll work in the future demands that organizations respond to their employees’ desire to work like they live. That means providing access to all the data they need to get their job done, wherever they are, and via any device,” said Rich Green, chief product officer at SugarCRM. “Relationship Intelligence relies on automating large-scale data acquisition and deep learning capabilities to assist users in interactions with customers. Initially launched with Hint, and now with the demonstration of our new smart mobile assistant app, Relationship Intelligence helps Sugar users build deeper connections and respond to late-breaking developments as relationships evolve.”

Link: MarTech Advisor

Visit Hint on CabinetM.

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SAP to acquire Gigya to boost customer identity tools
September 26, 2017 Customer

SAP has announced its intention to acquire Gigya. The acquisition, once complete, would bring Gigya’s consent-based identity data platform and SAP Hybris Profile data matching and enrichment capabilities under a single, unified MarTech platform. Teams from both companies have been working together since 2013 to produce solutions with both technologies for customers.

Link: Martech Series

Visit SAP on CabinetM.

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RevJet launches Orora Operating System for app building
September 26, 2017 Web Development & Design

RevJet has launched its new Orora Operating System, a platform that makes it easier for marketers to to build automatically pre-integrated Apps. The Orora framework cuts the time and complexity of code development in half with the platform’s APIs. Orora also unifies all marketing creative use cases in one comprehensive, custom-tailored system of record.

From the release: “Like iOS and Android rendered obsolete so many expensive standalone electronic devices, Orora OS and its app ecosystem render today’s complex single-purpose marketing creative tools over-priced and obsolete,” said Mitchell Weisman, RevJet founder and CEO.

Link: RevJet

Visit Orora Operating System on CabinetM.

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Stack Insights: The one platform all Business Services stacks include
September 25, 2017 Stack Insights

Business and Software Services professional, what’s in your stack?

Looking at the stack data compiled by users of CabinetM, there are some interesting trends in the Business Services Industry.

For one? The top Product, by a margin of 3-to-1, was Drupal Platform.

For those of you new to marketing technology stacks, marketers are building stacks on CabinetM to help them plan, manage and collaborate around their marketing technology. Stack Insights offer up the wisdom of the community building stacks on CabinetM — trends in technology, categories of tools, even names of stack layers.

Noteworthy for the Business Services industry: Products in Business Services were spread out fairly evenly among a number of product types — there was not a glut in analytics, or social media (for example) that can be found in other industries. Top categories were Web Development & Design; Analytics; Productivity, Collaboration & Workflow; Content Marketing;  Social Media Marketing.

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Google launches mobile wallet Tez in India
September 24, 2017 Ecommerce, Mobile Marketing

Google has launched a new, free mobile wallet in India called Tez, that allows greater privacy to those wanting to pay with a smartphone. Its new technology is Audio QR, which Google says will put it ahead of other mobile payment platforms.

Most mobile platforms now uses the technology called Near Field Communications (NFC) to have devices communicate when it proximity — it’s the technology that enables Apple Pay or Square. The Audio QR uses ultrasonic sounds to exchange the money, which lets any smartphone with a microphone be a payment reader, accepting or sending payments to any person.

Tez is free for person-to-person money transfer and for payments to small businesses. Its Cash Mode allows the user to send money instantly to another Tez user nearby without needing to share private details like your bank account or phone number.

Link: Google

Visit Tez on CabinetM.

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Blissfully launches software tracking platform
September 21, 2017 Security

Blissfully has launched its automated SaaS tracking platform which helps manage the security and safety the customer’s network. Blissfully uses a combination of customer data and its own API to track products used on its customers’ platforms, and can detect up to 3,000 individual programs to see what is on the network, what is being used, and what has security issues. 

Link: Blissfully blog

Visit Blissfully on CabinetM.

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Wevo launches testing platform with both crowdsourcing, AI built in.
September 21, 2017 Web Development & Design

Boston startup Wevo has launched a testing platform that allows marketers to test their online products without knowing code or going through an approval process. Wevo will allow markters to submit a page to be tested — even just a design image — that can be put through an A/B testing process that will remain private. Marketers can use Wevo to launch knowing their designs are tested prior to a public launch.

From the release: Nitzan Shaer, CEO and Co-Founder of WEVO, said, “We’ve seen digital marketers struggle to get the developer time, stakeholder approvals and design direction they need to optimize their conversion in a streamlined way. WEVO eliminates the red tape and mitigates risk by proving conversion lift before going through the standard lengthy A/B testing process.”

Link: MarTech Series

Visit Wevo on CabinetM.

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