Attribution Find out what channel is paying off for you

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — […]

POSSIBLE joins global digital agency Wunderman

POSSIBLE, a creative agency serving global brands like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, will […]

RhythmOne extends audience with acquisitions from RadiumOne

RhythmOne is extending its programmatic platform with the acquisition of assets from RadiumOne, a data driven marketing platform. The […]

Find the right native advertising tool for the job

The boss has assigned you the daunting task of launching a native advertising campaign, with a full report […]

DoubleVerify and Snap Announce Partnership for Brand Safety Initiative

DoubleVerify has announced a new joint initiative with Snap designed to provide better brand safety controls for Snapchat advertisers. DoubleVerify […]

MomentFeed Expands Paid Media Management for Multi-Location Brands

MomentFeed announced it has added a new native ad platform to its Paid Media Management (PPM) platform. MomentFeed […]

3 Steps to Managing Online Ads Like It’s 2017

Remember the old days when advertising meant creating pretty boxes that would hold up newspaper stories, and you’d […]

Take Aim with Retargeting Tools

You’ve got the fabulous product, you’ve got the eCommerce site up, you’re getting traffic and you’ve got some […]

The Candy Man’s Marketing Stack

M&Ms marked its 75th anniversary with a sweet marketing campaign called Celebrate with M.  While the candy was […]

Sizmek launches a new Data Hub that now includes audience segments from DMPs

Summary: Sizmek, a solution provider for Programmatic Creative ad-serving, launches a new Data Hub that integrates with data […]

How Marketers Can Use Experiential AI to Jump Start Video Marketing

Oren Boiman, CEO and co-founder of Magisto talks about how as marketers, we need innovation in digital video. […]

Coupon Tools for Savvy Marketers

Who doesn’t love to save money? Who wouldn’t love to lure a new customer by offering a discount […]

Sizmek Adds New Features and Enhancements to its Ad Builder

Summary: Sizmek, an open ad management company, has announced the release of new features, formats, and capabilities in […]

AppsFlyer Launches a New Ad Revenue Attribution Solution for Mobile Apps

Summary: AppsFlyer, a solution-provider of mobile attribution and marketing analytics, announced its new Ad Revenue Attribution solution. This […]

Criteo Introduces New Creative Technology to Deliver Optimal Ad Personalization and Consistent Branding

Summary: Criteo, a performance marketing technology company, introduces Kinetic Design, an ad creation technology that delivers visually stunning, […]

CallidusCloud Acquires Datahug to Gain the Technology of Predictive Sales Forecasting

By Sneha Nalawade, Summary: CallidusCloud, a global SaaS company that is headquartered in Dublin, has announced that […]

Smarter Click Technology Ltd Acquires MDNA Media to Expand its Digital Advertising Stack

By Smarter Click, Summary: Smarter Click Technology has acquired Admedo’s performance marketing company MDNA Media this week. […]

DoubleVerify Launches Viewability Measurement with Nativo

By Sneha Nalawade, Summary: DoubleVerify, a marketing technology and services company that authenticates quality and performance across […]

LeadsRx Launches One Tracking Pixel to Aid Marketing Attribution

By Summary: LeadsRx has launched its 2.0 product that includes, among other updates, a universal tracking pixel […]

Reddit Launches Ad Targeting Product Based on Site Visits

By Tamar Weinberg, Summary: In addition to subreddit ad targeting, an offering Reddit has provided for a […]