CabinetM and Boston’s MarTech scene

The Boston Business Journal and CabinetM compiled a list of companies highlighting the fact that Boston is now a […]

CabinetM now has 7,000 MarTech products in its database

CabinetM, the discovery and management platform for marketing technology strategy and digital transformation, today announced it now has […]

CMS Wire: Where are you fitting AI into your marketing strategy?

CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton tackles the big question this week in CMS Wire: What is AI and how […]

How do you find a marketer who knows MarTech?

The very wise piece in Forbes noting that who we hire as marketers is going to need to […]

We couldn’t agree more, Professor Fader

AdAge has a great salute of 25 Marketing Trailblazers where they include Peter Fader (Wharton professor, co-founder Zodiac). When […]

Don’t make this mistake when presenting your MarTech Stack.

In newspapers it’s called “tombstoning” — when you put headlines right up against each other and humans read […]

What’s in Your Stack? Red Wing Shoes Wins a Stackie

Marketing Technology Stacks are such a big deal they get their own awards at the MarTech Conference in […]

What’s a Technology Stack?

We’ve been telling you all about the Marketing Technology Stack, which at CabinetM is an environment to collaborate […]

CabinetM has your Marketing Technology glossary

That whole MarTech thing a little confusing? Now, when you’re stumped for the definition of Wearables or Interruption Marketing you […]

CMS Wire: Are You a Digital Transformation Laggard?

CabinetM co-founder Anita Brearton writes in CMS Wire this month about those feeling way behind when it comes […]

Make an Emoji Marketing Tech Stack

Believe it or not, emojis are becoming a serious marketing tool. But before you slip a few 👍 […]

The Candy Man’s Marketing Stack

M&Ms marked its 75th anniversary with a sweet marketing campaign called Celebrate with M.  While the candy was […]

CabinetM is Launching a New Agency Directory

At the request of our marketing users, we are busy building our agency directory to complement our product […]

Small business? How to increase your digital spend, smartly

Are you among the 7-in-10 businesses that is planning on investing in digital marketing? Says Small Biz trends: […]

CabinetM Co-founder Anita Brearton appears as guest on ‘The Language of Business’

Greg Stoller at WBIN-TV gathered digital marketing experts together to talk about must-have skills in today’s business world on […]

Starter Online Marketer’s Marketing Technology Stack

Online marketing is not for the meek. Reading the piece last week in Forbes on getting started in […]

CabinetM Co-founder Anita Brearton Awarded as CMS Wire 2016 Contributor of the Year

Marketers who are struggling with unwieldy technology stacks, who fear their companies lag the competition in the deployment […]

Your CXO needs a marketing technology stack

The marketing department of the future is already here. You have technology taking care of the repetitive tasks […]

How to use CabinetM — recording retired technology

Modern marketers have seen a few platforms at this point. If you’re using Twitter to get the word […]

Prove your ROI with Marketing Technology Stacks

Return on Investment (ROI) is a huge problem for marketers, always has been. Now Marketing Technology is making […]