Better messaging tools for teamwork

You text mom, your kids, your significant other. What are you using for instant messaging both inside and […]

Logo Tools for Startup Marketers

The Telegraph said 2016 was a record for new start-ups, reporting “between January and June, 29 people for […]

Make an Emoji Marketing Tech Stack

Believe it or not, emojis are becoming a serious marketing tool. But before you slip a few đź‘Ť […]

Skyword releases AI-based recommendation feature

Skyword has released its new Skyword Personalized Recommendations (SPR), an artificial intelligence-based engine offering personalized onsite and email recommendations. […]

Thought Leadership Cannot be Automated — But There Are Tools to Help

An audience turns to thought leaders because they want real answers from real people. They mean you. Leadership […]

Are You Reaching Your Audience? Got Email Open Rates?

When was the last time you glanced at your email inbox only to find a bunch of unfamiliar […]

Box Releases a Revamped and Better Box Notes

Summary: Box, an online file sharing and content management service for business, has announced that its productivity tool, […]

Jargon The Great And Terrible

Let’s talk frankly about the jargon problem. Yes, we know, poor beleaguered marketer, you’re dreadfully sick of the […]

Building a Social Media Stack Fit for a Rocket Scientist

Implementing a successful social media program isn’t rocket science.   Or, is it?   NASA is riding high […]

Newsletter Tools for Small Businesses

Your business is big enough to have regular updates on products and offerings, but an email blast isn’t […]

Vidyard introduces ViewedIt, a new way to use personal video to create more engaging emails and increase conversions

Summary: Vidyard, the video platform for business, launches ViewedIt Enterprise, a business-class edition of ViewedIt, the free video-recording […]

Automate your approach to visual Content Marketing trends

We’re all up in our “trends to watch in 2017” stories. This isn’t one of them. When looking […]

What metrics do you need to measure?

When you build your marketing stack, you need to be thinking about a metrics layer — with email, […]

Pinterest tools supporting your marketing dreams

Pinterest, the social media platform and online mood board, is a marketer’s dream. Not only are you tapping […]

Starter Online Marketer’s Marketing Technology Stack

Online marketing is not for the meek. Reading the piece last week in Forbes on getting started in […]

Are your marketing references out-of-date?

No brand wants to be the old professor lecturing about the Cold War in reference to Bruce Jenner’s […]

Blogging Platforms for Content Marketing Strategies

Content is key, and you’ve decided blogging is the best strategy. You have subject matter, subject matter experts […]

Explainer Video Tools All Control Freaks Can Use

Cute, memorable: We’ve all seen those basic explainer videos that show you how to scramble an egg, use […]

Use zombies to keep your marketing team on track

Marketer, you’re not alone. We know you’re drawing up marketing plans you need your team to use. You’re […]

Coolly marketing when you have a story

Every story about marketing and Millennials is about the fact that Millennials care about causes, and you need […]