Adobe releases multiple program updates to Creative Cloud platform

Adobe unveiled the next generation of Creative Cloud, including four brand new applications, Adobe XD CC for experience […]

Evite adds text message invitations to platform

Evite has added text message invitations to its events platform. Participants can be invited directly from a phone, […]

EverString Brings Self-Service AI to B2B Sales and Marketing Teams

EverString has released a new version of its AI-assisted B2B sales and marketing solution. The EverString Audience Platform is an […]

Microsoft Revamps Skype, Adds Snapchat-like Features

Microsoft has launched a new version of Skype for Android, with an iPhone upgrade scheduled to be released in […]

Yellowfin Announces Intuitive Business Intelligence Upgrade

Yellowfin has released an updated version of its business intelligence and analytics platform. Designed with the business user […]

Twitter Launches Direct Message Cards To Drive Personalized Engagement

Twitter has announced a new Direct Message Card to enable its advertisers to personalize customer interactions, and to drive discovery […]

Qstream Adds Video to its Award-Winning Coaching Hub

Qstream, providers of high-performance sales enablement solutions, announced the addition of video coaching to its Coaching Hub platform. […]

ShareableMetrics Announces Upgrade, Expands Social Attribution & Insights

ShareableMetrics, a leader in social engagement analytics solutions purpose-built for communications and PR professionals, has released a major upgrade […]

Feathr Expands Event Personalization Platform With New Da Vinci Feature

Feathr has announced a major new update to its leading event marketing platform. Feathr is on a mission […]

Hootsuite Launches New Dashboard for Social Media ROI

Hootsuite has announced the release of Hootsuite Impact, an ROI dashboard designed to help organizations understand the impact […]

Call Loop Expands SMS Text-to-Join with HubSpot Integration

Call Loop, a leader in mobile SMS & voice broadcast marketing, has added HubSpot integration to its flagship platform. The […]

Microsoft Announces Conversational Search with Chatbots on Bing

Bing, the Microsoft search engine, has added chatbots to its list of search services.  In addition to letting […]

Radius Rolls Out B2B Omnichannel Integration

Radius has expanded its B2B Revenue Platform with new pre-built integrations. With connection-ready functionality, B2B marketers can now […]

Snap Rolls Out New “Infinity” Timer And More New Features

Snap announces a Snapchat layout redesign, along with new features that change the way Snaps are created, edited […]

Facebook Improves Lead Ads With Offline Conversion Attribution

Facebook announced that it has added new Offline Conversion functionality to its Business Manager suite. Agencies and advertisers […]

Make your Marketing Technology product stand out at CabinetM

Are you a vendor selling marketing technology products? Are you on CabinetM? CabinetM is a collaborative technology management […]

Slack Announces New Machine Learning-powered Smart Search Feature

Slack announced it has added a new machine learning powered search feature to its popular team communication platform. […]

What’s in your MarTech stack, Openprise?

Allen Pogorzelski Vice President, Marketing at Openprise, shared the Openprise stack with MarTech Series. According toPogorzelski, “Openprise solves the […]

Boingnet Audiences Campaigns tracks and personalizes without custom landing pages

Boingnet Audiences Campaigns offers marketers the tracking and personalization of PURLs, without the need to build custom landing pages. Highlights […]

Three Ways Twitter Will Halt Abusive Content

Twitter’s “Update on Safety” announces three ways it will begin to curb abusive users and content from popping […]