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OpenText makes AI platform Magellan generally available
July 11, 2017 Artificial Intelligence

OpenText has made OpenText Magellan, the flexible AI-enabled analytics platform, available beyond beta users. OpenText Magellan combines open source machine learning with advanced analysis and the capabilities to acquire, merge, manage and analyze Big Data and Big Content. Magellan’s cognitive computing platform offers users machine-assisted decision making, automation, and business optimization, in an easy to use and affordable package.

From the release: “Enterprises have created vast data lakes of information over the last decade, and OpenText Magellan helps to organize that information and unlock its value,” said Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO. “As automation advances at incredible rates, and enterprise data grows larger, OpenText Magellan brings the power of analytics, algorithms and statistical models to organizations around the world for advanced decision making and better business insight. With OpenText Magellan, we are moving towards a more open, scalable and affordable future for AI. OpenText is committed to ensuring AI is designed into its offerings from day one.”

Link: PRnewswire

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Oracle adds features to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite
April 26, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Oracle announces the addition of new features to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite that tap recent trends in technology innovation including chatbots, artificial intelligence, and mobile, video and social messaging.

From the press release: “These enhancements to the Oracle CX Cloud Suite underscore our commitment to an innovation-driven approach to software development and delivery across our entire platform,” said Rondy Ng, senior vice president, Application Development, Oracle. “By combining new mobile, video and messaging capabilities with the latest innovations in chatbots, artificial intelligence and IoT, we are uniquely able to help organizations of all sizes drive innovation and business transformation. We are committed to helping organizations meet the demands of empowered customers for seamless, personalized and immediate experiences today and in the future.”

Link Oracle Website

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Bidalgo brings artificial intelligence to media buying for app marketers
April 12, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Bidalgo, a provider of ad automation software and services for app marketers, announced Bidalgo AI, an ad automation agent for app install ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. The solution uses artificial intelligence to manage and optimize the entire media buying cycle, from uploading ads and optimizing their performance to real-time bid management, and budget allocation.  

From the press release: “Bidalgo AI delivers better Return on Ad Spend than any human possibly could, while automating complex workflows that until now have been performed manually,” said Peli Beeri, chief executive officer of Bidalgo. “We have spent the past several years perfecting algorithms that apply Artificial Intelligence to things like bid management and budget allocation, and we are proud to now offer the industry’s first AI algorithm for uploading creative as well. Bidalgo AI automates the entire media buying process so that UA professionals can focus on higher-level strategies.”

Link Bidalgo Website

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Nielsen adds artificial intelligence to Nielsen Marketing Cloud
April 6, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Nielsen introduces Nielsen Artificial Intelligence, an adaptive learning technology that automates audience optimization. Added to the Nielsen Marketing Cloud, the solution enables marketers to increase engagement by quickly responding to changes in customer behavior based on data from multiple buying and engagement channels.

From the press release: “Nielsen AI takes a big leap beyond industry-standard batch-learning approaches, which are limited by static audience data sets and learning processes that can take days to complete,” said Nielsen’s Mark Zagorski, Executive Vice President – Nielsen Marketing Cloud. “In a competitive environment where every moment counts, marketers need to be able to act on up-to-the-second information in an automated way. Nielsen AI equips them with the tools they need for real time data processing, learning and syndication, enabling marketers to cut through the clutter by providing superior customer experiences across channels, devices and time.”

Link PRNewswire

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Sysomos adds artificial intelligence to its social marketing and analytics platform
April 5, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Sysomos announces the Sysomos Platform, a social media marketing solution that combines artificial intelligence with the company’s tools for search, discovery, listening, publishing, engagement, and analysis. Marketers gain access to all the paid, owned and earned data needed to create strategic campaigns, take action in real time and measure those actions in one user interface.

From the release: “Identifying insights, creating campaigns and measuring the effectiveness of those efforts — all with increasingly strained resources — have become challenging for marketers,” said Peter Heffring, CEO of Sysomos. “We built the Sysomos Platform to meet these challenges head on, by providing a single technology platform that guides marketers to the exact insights needed to increase commercial opportunities for our customers.”

Link Marketwired

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Demandbase unveils AI-based website personalization solution
April 5, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Extending its Website Personalization product suite, Demandbase adds Site Optimization, a tool that recommends content and high-value pages to visitors based on AI-driven insights.   The solution analyzes firmographic data, offsite business/behavioral data, historic traffic data and real-time visitor information to deliver targeted recommendations.

From the press release: “There are literally millions of paths potential buyers can go through on a B2B website to reach a conversion, making it impossible for marketers to optimize for each customer,” said Chris Golec, founder and CEO of Demandbase. “We are leap frogging web site personalization as we know it today by using artificial intelligence to synthesize billions of data points so we can lead accounts and individuals to the right content.”

Link Demandbase Newsroom

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Salesforce unveils the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud
April 4, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Salesforce adds artificial intelligence capabilities to boost sales productivity with the launch of the Einstein High Velocity Sales Cloud.  The solution combines new and existing technologies to enable salespeople to identify the best leads, eliminate busy work, boost pipeline and increase sales.  Products include Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Activity Capture, Lightning Sales Console, Lightning Dialer, Salesforce Engage, and Salesforce Trailhead.

From the press release: “Sales engagement on digital channels—like email, chat, messaging, video conferencing and voice-over-IP—is boosting sales productivity and enabling reps to connect with more customers and prospects. And because these digital interactions can be automatically captured in CRM, companies can now leverage the latest AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to identify trends and recommend the best next steps, making them more productive than ever before,” according to the press release.

Link Salesforce Press Release

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Mintigo joins forces with Marketo to provide a predictive account-based marketing solution
March 29, 2017 MarTech Product News , ,

Mintigo and Marketo are partnering to provide a combined solution that delivers Mintigo’s artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive insights directly into Marketo’s Account-based Marketing “ABM” solution.  Available now, the solution will enable sales and marketing teams to prioritize leads, precisely segment target audiences and deliver engaging multi-channel campaigns.  

From the release: “Being able to use predictive analytics directly within Marketo ABM  helps focus our marketing and sales efforts in a unified way,” says Tony Yang, Mintigo’s Vice President of Demand Gen & Marketing Ops. “Not only does this help us zero-in on the right targets, it also enables us to run highly personalized campaigns through Marketo’s native capabilities as well as through connected partner tools that are both relevant and timely to the decision-makers of an account’s buying committee. All of this results in higher and immediate ROI.” By integrating their technologies, Marketo and Mintigo are providing marketers with a truly comprehensive ABM system.

Link PRNewswire

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Absolutdata launches artificial intelligence-driven decision engine
March 28, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Absolutdata announces the availability of the NAVIK AI Platform, an artificial intelligence-driven decision engine targeting sales and marketing effectiveness.  Combining data, analytics and technology to optimize decisions, the platform offers a range of products including NAVIK MarketingAI and NAVIK ConceptAI as well as NAVIK SalesAI which was announced in September.

From the release: “The NAVIK AI Platform develops an intelligent self-learning system that continuously learns from your unique business environment for better decision making,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO of Absolutdata. “Until now, sales and marketing technology has primarily focused on executing decisions that were already made. What makes the NAVIK AI Platform revolutionary is that it operates at a higher level to actually improve decision-making. Use cases with sales and marketing teams demonstrate that it is capable of delivering amazing results across industries.”

Link Absolutdata Website

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