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Brearton: Are You Playing Hide and Seek With Your Customers?
April 24, 2017 Customer ,

CabinetM Co-Founder Anita Brearton made sure CabinetM’s Contact Us page was up-to-snuff before writing about the problem of contacting companies in this month’s CMSWire.

“You know the drill: First you interact with a scheduler, then you get passed along to a qualifier, then to the demo person, then to the sales person. When you express some hesitation you are then treated to a barrage of offers and outreach from a senior sales person or two, who are desperate to convert you into a customer when all you really need are some answers to questions on your early path of self-discovery.”

Brearton gives a few tips on making it easy to find you, such as “offer multiple options to connect” and to update your Contact Us page to reflect your customer’s need to get answers.

The (ahem, revamped) CabinetM Contact Us page is up and online too.

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Track Mobile Customers with these Tools
February 28, 2017 Analytics , ,

You know your audience is moving. They’re online looking at your product, they float away, sometimes to come back to your website. You can see in the numbers who is coming and when, but you’re not nailing down where they are in the buyer’s journey, and what’s resonating. So how, exactly, do you catch a moving target?

We know shopping on mobile devices is up, and it will be way up over the 2016 holiday season. Notes TechCrunch, reporting on a Visa study, “nearly half (47%) of consumers will shop online this season, 33 percent of them from mobile devices.”

While customers are online, grab insights with mobile analytics tools. These programs automate the process of tracking what content brings customers in, what ad network they used. You can track users by location for those who are shopping your site online while in a physical store. Or use those insights to launch a new mobile campaign to catch users before they blow away.


Ad Intelligence by Sensor Tower collects daily mobile advertising data that reveals the reach and creative content being used to promote hundreds of thousands of apps around the world. With Ad Intelligence, marketers have the insights needed to develop better user acquisition campaigns — the platform reveals which app publishers spend the most on mobile app campaigns each week, which networks serve impressions for specific apps, and the granular details for every piece of creative content captured. With Ad Intelligence marketers can quickly see if a boost in the Top Charts dashboard was due to an ad spend, or from organic viral growth.
BEST FEATURES: Dig into the details of ad creatives, including the ad network that served the ad, the device type, the resolution of the creative, and when it was first and most recently captured.
PRICING: Packages start at $79 per month.


Analyze is a mobile analytics tool that makes it easy to collect actionable insights about mobile apps. The Analyze administration dashboard is simple to configure, displaying the data that you need in order to measure the success of your apps. See how many new users registered, how many users are active daily or monthly, which marketing initiatives are generating the greatest number of conversions.
BEST FEATURES: Catch UX issues.by measuring flows through each stage of a task, identifying bottlenecks and making changes accordingly.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


mobile STIR drives 1:1 personalized mobile app engagement fueled by machine learning. Its purpose is in delivering data-driven content in real time, based on customer location, preferences and actions. Track customers where they are, in the real world.
BEST FEATURES: mobile STIR’s technology includes historical and real-time data, including an individual’s geolocation, actions or inactions, and preferences.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


LocationSmart is a comprehensive Location-as-a-Service platform. LocationSmart includes proximity-enabled two-way in-app messaging, device profiling with real-time risk scoring and unique device, identity and behavior analytics, support for geo-relevant marketing campaigns.
BEST FEATURES: Includes privacy-protected location services from multiple sources including carriers, Wi-Fi, IP addresses, device SDK and landlines that are available to enterprise customers through a simple API.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


CleverTap unifies deep-rooted analytics based on behavioral segmentation with hyper-targeted engagement through one platform that guarantees personalized user experiences to build a loyal customer base. Among its features are Behavioral Segmentation to identify users based on any defined activity, date range or other attribute; Live User Segments to add users to a pre-defined segment when their behavior matches the criteria; Past Behavior segments sorted by activity type for any historic date range.
BEST FEATURES: CleverTap automates the tracking of app unistalls and enables re-engagement via emails and retargeting
PRICING: Freemium plan includes up to 10 million monthly events and 30 campaigns. Paid packages start at $1500 monthly.       


Netbiscuits removes the complexity of programming for many devices, reducing the amount of time and money it takes to execute the mobile strategy. Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics offers insight on mobile visitor behaviors in real-time, delivering marketing intelligence on customer trends across PC, tablet, and mobile phone visitors in one tool.
BEST FEATURES: Get valuable insight on everything from screen size, CPU, display, touch interface and video readiness.
PRICING: Packages start at $175 per month for 1,000,000 monthly impressions.


Upsight is a mobile analytics marketing platform that enables organizations to easily explore mobile user data, build powerful user insights, and launch sophisticated, data-driven mobile marketing campaigns. Its customized analytics dashboards are easily sharable.
BEST FEATURES: Enterprise-grade analytics with powerful and unlimited data storage to monitor app performance.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Don’t drag customers out on bad dates
January 18, 2017 Customer , ,

Are you talking at your customer and not letting that person get a word in edgewise? Are you trying to ferret out the customer’s point of view and then badgering that person to explain how that opinion is just wrong and you’re right? Is every interaction the hard sell to get the customer to second base?

Why are you making your customers feel like they’re on bad dates?

If you’re ready to make a change, what you need to do is shift your point of view. It’s not you selling your customer. It’s about you and your customer being in it together. And, believe it or not, there are some tools you can use to automate this process. (Don’t laugh. It sounds like you can use some help.)

Learn. Get some intel on who your customer is. You’re not going to make the same assumptions about the single parent who’s about to retire as you are the 20-something nightclubber, but just the same, you should find out about the actual interests of your customer.

Engage. This doesn’t mean lecture for two hours about how your technology is best until your customer is signaling for the check just to get out of there. This means engage – ask questions eliciting what, hopefully, is a thoughtful response.

  • Contests are a fun way to ask questions that allow you to follow-up on what your customer is seeking out of you.
  • Games get the customer sharing strategy and choices with you – and some of the responses can be completely automated.
  • Content that is about the customer’s wants and desires are a great help – once you know what is needed, offer content to fit your customer’s point of view.

Listen. Pause to let your customer respond and ask questions. And when you respond, make sure you reflect your customer’s interests – make it about the things you have in common, not what sets you, yourself, apart from the pack.

Ready for customer dating? We’re on twitter at @CabinetM1 if you have ideas about romancing a customer you’d like to share.


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Get Great Reviews With These Ratings Tools
January 16, 2017 Customer ,

Good reviews are nothing less than gold for a marketer.

Even when traditional marketing fails to hit the mark perfectly, a good review from someone who actually uses and likes your product means everything.

Reviews are so sought after, some companies will offer customers money in the form of gift cards just to get one. And who does not have a story of getting approached by a company after a negative review and getting something to change your mind?

Whether bought, sold, traded or given freely, reviews can change customer opinion quickly. Monitor good reviews to leverage as collateral and find the bad reviews to fix problems quickly. Collect them in the wild via social media and you’ll get a sense of what others say about you. Solicit them on your own site. The tools below, listed on CabinetM, will help you automate that process.


With Power Review’s Ratings & Reviews, consumers can evaluate a product at the moment of purchase. Built on a true SaaS ratings and reviews platform, the PowerReviews Consumer Engagement Engine powers a full suite of products to engage with consumers at the moment of purchase to drive sales, improve customer experience, and create actionable insights. The platform includes integrated follow-up email system to reach out to customers and request they write a review which significantly increases volume.
BEST FEATURES: Easy-to-complete forms and 3000 industry, category and product-specific templates ensure high relevance and high completion rate.
PRICING: Prices start at “Standard,” which includes 75 reviews for $399 per month.


Reviews and Social Media Monitoring from Connectivity is a keyword-oriented dashboard that tracks thousands of online sources for store, product or brand names for reviews and mentions. It’s a comprehensive tool that provides marketers with an accurate picture of customer sentiment nationwide. Beyond existing online review management, try the Review Solicitation Tool to encourage positive reviews from happy customers and communicate with unhappy customers before they post a review you would otherwise need to manage publicly. When positive feedback comes in through the Review Solicitation Tool, customers are prompted to post it on review sites of their choosing while Connectivity automatically publishes the review on a top 25 directory for even more brand coverage.
BEST FEATURE: You can respond to customer conversations on any site with one click.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Yotpo is a content marketing platform that is focused on encourgaing and managing user reviews, social Q&A and rich media and uses this content to drive traffic and increase conversions. Maximize review generation with algorithm-backed reminders that know exactly how and when to remind your customers to leave a review.
BEST FEATURES: Automatically sends a review request to customers after purchase. There is only one step customers take to submit a review.
PRICING: Billed annually, Starter is $25 per month; Pro is $299 per month; and Powerhouse is $499.


ReviewPush monitors the review sites on a daily basis for new reviews, sites including Google, Facebook, Foursquare and YellowPages. When your business receives a new review, you will be notified by email. Whether your business has 10 locations or 10,000 locations, ReviewPush’s custom dashboard for the Multiple Locations Package make it easy to manage your online reviews and compare how your stores rank against each other with the custom ranking system.
BEST FEATURES: Get notices of reviews right to your email, and within those email alerts you’ll have the option to respond to your online reviews.
PRICING: Starts at $39 monthly.


Feefo offers an independent customer review system for businesses. Verified consumers will receive an email asking them for feedback about their purchases. The feedback is published both on Feefo’s and the merchant’s website, and can be responded to publicly. Feefo is built to integrate with the website allowing consumers to see ratings and reviews even at a product level.
BEST FEATURES: Service Ratings are collated and submitted to Google and displayed in Advertiser Ratings as Gold Stars in AdWords campaigns. Feedback can be shared socially, allowing new consumers to engage with the brand and visit the website.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


Repuso monitors social media for opinions and sentiment about your product. Select your favorite reviews in the Repuso dashboard for display in the widgets on your website. Use either the templated floating widget or inline on your most important pages.
BEST FEATURES: Get notified about social media postings and post via Repuso in real-time via an app.
PRICING: Free version allows up to 10 testimonials. Paid version with no Repuso branding is $12 a month.

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Email tools for your marketing stack
December 28, 2016 Email Marketing , ,

Email is king for so many marketers and we’re all looking for an edge when it comes to emailing customers.

What makes this so?

  • Changes in Social Media are unpredictable. Your 1,000 Facebook likes does not mean the same thing as 1,000 email addresses; Some studies say only 6% of Facebook fans will see any post. Instagram and Twitter are great, and can supplement a powerful email campaign.
  • You can track email. So many programs exist to let you know who opens your email and what is done with it – even if it is forwarded. Certainty helps you strategize, and helps you learn what you can change for even greater success.
  • You can target email. One or two social media accounts get followers who choose you. You can choose who you market to by segmenting your email lists and getting messages to those who need it when they can take action.

Open rates for email average around 20%. Can you do better?

When you’re building your marketing stack, take a look at your email layer. Check out some of the tools you can include:

Start first with a strategy to build your future marketing plan. Then check out CabinetM’s list of more than 6,000 automation tools – including email and social media. There’s a combination that fits your marketing plan.

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Deal Registration tools that keep everyone happy
December 22, 2016 MarTech Product News , ,

Deal registration isn’t a relic of the Industrial Age where the reseller of tractors had “field service” and actually meant a field.

In our age where the Value Added Reseller is marketing technology with a global reach, keeping your partners happy can also mean protecting your brand.

What is deal registration?

The basics are about competition. If you are a vendor of a product, your distribution partner, channel partner or reseller is one of many putting your product out into the world. Your partner registers a potential client or buyer, and that relationship is protected while the deal is being made. The vendor’s reputation and branding is protected and the partner is secure that another reseller won’t swoop in and undercut the price, the contract or the deal. Everyone is kept happy.

While this practice is as old as distribution, it may be one of the most obvious parts of the deal to automate: Give all partners the same playing field, contracts and resources so everyone is playing fairly. The below packages allow you to automate deal registration with added benefits of distributing marketing collateral, automating contracts and even helping to recruit new partners.


channelcandyChannelCandy is a channel-focused, mobile-first software suite designed to improve indirect sales communication and streamline enablement. The platform comes with everything partners need to speak on behalf of the brand, engage customers more confidently and take the right action at the right time in order to boost sales. Includes configurators, quoting, locator, and deal registration tools.
BEST FEATURES: Uses gamification to reinforce the right behaviors within the channel program.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


channeltivityChanneltivity is a powerful Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and deal registration solution. Channeltivity enables emerging and mid-market companies to manage their channel partner relationships from one central platform. The package includes a Partner Discussion Forum, Resource Library and Lead Distribution platform.
BEST FEATURES: The easy set up and user interface is ideal for small companies.
PRICING: The Launch plan is $499 per month plus a $1500 set-up fee.


impartnerImpartner PRM is an enterprise-class web portal for partner management, onboarding, deal registration, and analytics. The portal is customizable with your company logo, multiple design layouts, and your content. Impartner PRM is secure, fully optimized for mobile, and can be up running in as little as 30 days.
BEST FEATURES: Partner registration form, auto contract acceptance, and partner recruitment workflows that integrate with Salesforce.
PRICING: Packages start at $2000 monthly.


gorillatoolzEcoSoft by GorillaToolz is a cloud-based reseller management platform that offers control of sales and marketing content while making it easy for the reseller to locate and download relevant content. Designed to perform two types of automated reminder messaging: Event-triggered and time-triggered.
BEST FEATURES: EcoSoft is configured to meet different needs and terminology with hundreds of configuration options.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


partnerpathPartnerPath is a comprehensive, all-in-one Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform developed to integrate to any CRM or ERP. PartnerPath is user-friendly, feature-rich, modular, scalable and flexible. Available in SaaS or Managed Service, companies of all sizes select the optimal PRM modules. Automate and manage deal registration, distribution and renewals. Mix and match modules to meet your immediate needs and set the foundation for growth.
BEST FEATURES: Dashboards and scorecards for visual representation of data.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


partnerportalPartnerPortal is a full-featured, highly customizable channel partner management platform designed to efficiently manage partner sign-up, marketing funds, deal registration, and rebates. Partners can access current and up-to-date information any time, boosting efficiency and shortening the sales cycle, reducing administrative cost and complexity.
BEST FEATURES: Gives vendors the ability to create and manage their portal using drag-and-drop technology without requiring IT resources.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Lead Scoring Tools for days you’re wildly successful
December 19, 2016 Uncategorized ,

With a great product and great collateral to match, launching a successful marketing campaign should be a snap. But what if you’re too successful? What if you get so many people name-checking you on social media, checking out your website and downloading your pricing page that you cannot keep up?

What do you do with all those leads? Could you actually be a victim of success?

This is where lead scoring tools come in. You’ve ginned up interest. Future customers have visited your site. A great number have even registered with their name and email, and you may know their IP address. Lead-scoring tools rate visits to the “price list” pages of a website, engagement with reviews, product information downloads and free trial activation and matches that behavior with customer data to develop a sales lead. With lead-scoring tools, you can sort out the about-to-buy from the curious, and know who could become a hot lead with just a little push.
latticeLattice Account Prioritization App uses predictive account scores and intent-based buying signals to prioritize inbound leads and outbound sales outreach, identifying known prospects most likely to close. The app is designed for segmentation and precise targeting based on thousands of account-level attributes.
BEST FEATURES: Lattice leverages intent data to score “dormant” accounts, purchased account lists and other prospects about whom less is known.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


jornayaJornaya Intelligence is a lead acquisition intelligence platform that tracks the origin and history for every online lead generation event, from initial impression to final conversion. Jornaya witnesses and certifies more than 120 million consumer events every month. The program will optimize bids, define requirements, and even filter out clicks, calls, and leads that don’t match what your business really needs.
BEST FEATURES: Built upon a unique, behavioral dataset that spans across more than 25,000 web domains, when scoring leads Jornaya issues a 36-character unique identifier called the Universal LeadiD each time a consumer interacts with a website.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

tellapartThe TellApart Predictive Engine is a customer experience and lead-scoring tool that enables marketing messages to be sent through any channel to any device. The score is derived from a compilation of likelihood to purchase, predicted order size, and lifetime value. The unique customer experiences that the platform offers help drive revenue and customer satisfaction.
BEST FEATURE: Creates a Customer Value Score for each shopper and product combination—a compilation of likelihood to purchase, predicted order size, and lifetime value—which serves as the basis for all marketing decisions, from real-time bidding on ad exchanges to which personalized emails to send.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


leadlifeLeadLife Solutions provides on-demand lead management software that enables B2B marketers to automatically track, score, prioritize and nurture leads. The software is coupled with experts who provide customized supports. Lead segmentation can be performed using demographics and/or behaviors as well as creating target audiences.
BEST FEATURES: LeadLife’s visual reports and analytics allow clients to optimize marketing tactics and budget, and predict revenue from campaigns.
PRICING: LeadLife is offered on a monthly or annual subscription, in a range of price plans. Basic starts at $375 per month. Standard starts at $95 per month. Professional starts at $1500 per month. Premium starts at $2500 per month. There is also a custom a la carte option.



LeadScoring by Vbout automates lead metrics across all marketing channels into one centralized profile, allowing the user to nurture leads and later convert them into sales. Users can assign leads to particular users and graphically visualize leads and their statuses. Vbout will use customized grading to automatically score leads for a sales team. Scores can be given for email clicks, social media activity, user metrics and web hooks triggered, among others.
BEST FEATURES: Its detailed tracking will analyze all interactions against values defined by the user.
PRICING: The basic package for 1,000 emails monthly and unlimited contacts is 1,000 emails per month is free. Packages progress to Enterprise, which allows unlimited contacts, 200,000 emails a month and unlimited lead scoring for $499.95 monthly.


6sense6sense is a lead scoring software that prioritizes known prospects, assigning the highest scores to the ones who are ready to buy. The program uses time-based activity data to pinpoint where prospects are in their buying cycle. 6sense states the platform predicts sales with more than 80% accuracy.
BEST FEATURES: Use closed-loop reports to better align sales with the marketing team.
PRICING: See vendor for details.

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Mobile marketing: More Alfred than Batman
November 29, 2016 Uncategorized , , , ,

So much mobile marketing is like Batman. In your face, logos everywhere, it’s-all-about-Wayne-Industries Batman marketing. On the tiny screen you have in hand, even in your bed, mobile marketers are so often barking just like they do from a television in a crowded bar.

We’re over it.

A piece in Business2Community this month discusses the move from Marketing to Service Provision on Mobile, where the marketer is more a digital assistant.

More Alfred than Batman.


Alfred Pennyworth has the title of butler, but is really more the symbol of parental wisdom for the parentless Bruce Wayne. He’ll quietly offer advice and let Bruce Wayne make his own choice. There’s no garish, Joker-like dictates on how to act. No Penguin-like insults. Alfred is both friend and adviser offering up what is needed at the right time.

For the tiny screen most of us carry around on our persons, an intimate approach like Alfred’s is appropriate. 

Take this push notification for example: “Hi Kate, check in for tomorrow’s flight to Dublin is open. You usually reserve an exit row seat – just two remaining”. Dissecting it shows us our new interaction model – a triggered mobile message (the day before the flight) that is personalized (with name and location), that is predictive (based on previous behaviour), and that is helpful (as a reminder/alert), all pulled together from multiple data sources to create an individual conversation with a user.

Get help from a trusted hand

There are tools to help automate this process, once you have the strategy in place. While we cannot promise a fresh set of clothes when you emerge from the Batcave, we can help you find what you need:

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CRMS For Small Business You Can Take With You
November 21, 2016 Uncategorized , , , ,

Not all Customer Relationship Management tools were created for the smaller business. And certainly not all CRMs were made for today’s business leader constantly on the go.

But there are solutions that allow small teams to be mobile as well as responsive to
customer needs.

Here are six CRM platforms purpose built for small businesses you should check out.


nutshellNutshell is an open, cross-platform CRM with loads of features and it’s built to work with all the apps you already use. Integrate Nutshell with Google, Dropbox, Mailchimp and more. Nutshell is built to create, search, and edit contact info, especially on the road. Nutshell includes maps, weather, local time, Twitter, and last contact you had with the people in your contact list.
BEST FEATURES: Great keyword and location search, a real-time view of tasks and activities, and lead tracking and you can know the weather in your client’s location.
PRICING: The average spend is $15 per user, monthly.


icompeteicomplete.com can be custom built to suit any business requirements. The platform includes functionality for contact management, online file storage, task management and automated workflow, sales pipeline, reporting, online calendars, integrated call center activity and works on Tablet or Mobile as well as Mac and PC.
BEST FEATURES: Designed for companies that focus on voice
calling. Offers reps in the field real-time data.
PRICING: Pricing starts at $20 per user.


freshdeskFreshdesk is a customizable CRM with a load of tools, including outbound email, email ticketing, live chat, integrated customer surveys, time- and event-triggered automations and multiple language support. Freshdesk is optimized for mobile.
BEST FEATURES: Created for high-velocity sales teams.
PRICING: Tiered pricing begins at $15 per month per agent.


salesforceiSalesforceIQ is a smart, simple CRM solution for small businesses who aren’t ready for the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM. Designed to work out-of-the-box, IQ is the CRM solution that smaller businesses can quickly connect with Gmail or Exchange email.
BEST FEATURES: Takes raw data from sales teams and clients, stores and organizes data in a central place for analysis
PRICING: Billed annually, pricing starts at $25 per month, per user.


batchbookBatchbook is a cloud-based CRM for small businesses that customers can access from anywhere. The product is easily set up, allows for customization, and import of existing customer data.
BEST FEATURES: Robust social media monitoring. The user interface is ideal for entrepreneurs and tiny businesses.
PRICING: The product starts at $19.95 per user, and can go up to $39.95 per user for the full-featured package.


sugarSugar is a complete CRM solution that automates internal sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Sugar is fully optimized for mobile, and features call center tools. Billed annually the Professional package is $40 per month per user; Enterprise is $65 per month; and Ultimate is $150 per month per user.
BEST FEATURES: Highly customizable.
PRICING: Billed annually the Professional package is $40 per month per user; Enterprise is $65 per month; and Ultimate is $150 per month per user. A free version called Community is now available.

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