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Drones as a Service market to soar to $8.15B
June 5, 2017 MarTech Product News

Drones used for analytics and to collect Big Data will become a multi-billion dollar industry in the next decade, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. 

The information gathered by drones, which will be supported by giant analytics packages, is what is in the forecast for marketers seeking out product information, user data and performance numbers. And with the drones will come new MarTech:

The increasing adoption of drones in commercial sectors is leading to a revolution in big data cloud services. Launching a drone to capture images is the preliminary step in the drone information acquisition process. The captured images then require correction, calibration, processing, storage, and efficient evaluation.

Watch for tech to grow with drone services: Compression of great amounts of data collected, greater use of analytics, on-board processing increases and even AI being used to interpret drone imaging.

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