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A CMO’s View: For PepsiCo, martech is central to shaping the consumer experience
December 15, 2016 Brand Management , ,

PepsiCo CMO Seth Kaufman shares how his teams are using martech across the brand’s entire product line.

After spending more than 15 years in a number of marketing leadership roles with PepsiCo, Seth Kaufman was named CMO for the brand in October of 2015.

Charged with leading the business, brand and consumer agenda for PepsiCo’s entire line of carbonated soft drinks, waters, teas, energy and ready-to-drink coffee beverages in the US, Kaufman says he has structured his teams to keep up with the pace of change.

“Our core brand groups are focused across three dimensions — innovation and strategy, which charts the long-term brand vision; communications, which crafts the platforms and strategies that move consumer passion and behavior; and commercial, which connects with and engages consumers at the moment-of-choice, in-store.”

According to Kaufman, his aim is to build diverse teams with talent from different backgrounds and expertise to foster the “most imaginative thinking” and generate the strongest results.

In an interview conducted over email, Kaufman shared how his brand is using marketing technology to shape the consumer experience across PepsiCo’s product lines, and why martech is at the center of his brand’s campaign strategy.

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