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Dynamic Yield launches mobile web personalization tool to convert eCommerce traffic
April 25, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Dynamic Yield announces a mobile web personalization solution that aims to convert mobile eCommerce traffic into paying customers.  The company has studied the issue and found that mobile customers are turned off by cumbersome mobile shopping experiences. This new solution addresses these concerns with features including united customer profiles, improved native mobile navigation, and more robust product recommendations.

From the press release: “The good news is that the ubiquity of smartphones has caused eCommerce traffic to spike on mobile devices. The bad news is that this traffic has gone largely to waste, because the experience hasn’t been optimized to reflect the mobile experiences,” said Liad Agmon, CEO of Dynamic Yield. “Our research shows that the companies that are able to tackle this massive opportunity are going to be uniquely positioned to grow their market share by accounting for the fundamental shift in customer behavior. By creating tailor made personalization solutions for mobile web, we are enabling the top retailers to gain a comprehensive view of their customers and bring them the type of experience that will turn mobile traffic into mobile purchases.”

Link PR Urgent

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Urban Airship announces availability of the Digital Growth Platform
April 12, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Urban Airship’s Digital Growth Platform enables marketers to send personalized, interactive notifications to customers across any channel. The solution features an automation engine that coordinates the messages for websites, apps and mobile wallets, as well as other channels like email, SMS, chatbots and IoT devices.

From the release: “Marketers want best-of-breed solutions while at the same time protecting their significant investment in existing marketing technology,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “When data is open and flowing through a modern, real-time platform, it provides businesses the freedom and flexibility to choose the best capabilities and integrate them in incredibly sophisticated ways. Not only is this better for customer experiences, it’s simpler and more effective for the marketer.”

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Demandbase unveils AI-based website personalization solution
April 5, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Extending its Website Personalization product suite, Demandbase adds Site Optimization, a tool that recommends content and high-value pages to visitors based on AI-driven insights.   The solution analyzes firmographic data, offsite business/behavioral data, historic traffic data and real-time visitor information to deliver targeted recommendations.

From the press release: “There are literally millions of paths potential buyers can go through on a B2B website to reach a conversion, making it impossible for marketers to optimize for each customer,” said Chris Golec, founder and CEO of Demandbase. “We are leap frogging web site personalization as we know it today by using artificial intelligence to synthesize billions of data points so we can lead accounts and individuals to the right content.”

Link Demandbase Newsroom

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Monetate announces new personalization engine
April 3, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Monetate announces the availability of the Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine, a personalization platform that enables brands to deliver individual experiences to each customer. Tapping machine learning models, the solution can optimize toward specific metrics while leveraging all customer data across multiple channels.

From the blog: “Personalization impacts the bottom line in a way targeting segments just can’t,” said Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO of Monetate. “The Engine moves far beyond traditional methods to optimize the experience of each individual customer. Rather than pointing customer segments at experiences, each customer is served the exact right experience for them. It’s the rare true win-win: each customer gets the best possible experience and brands get business results.”

Link Monetate Website

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BrandMaker announces Customer Engagement Cloud
March 30, 2017 MarTech Product News ,

Targeting B2B marketers, the BrandMaker Customer Engagement Cloud looks to optimize engagement by delivering personalized content aligned with the customer’s specific stage in the sales cycle.  The solution enables B2B organizations to improve and personalize the dialogue with customers by building detailed customer personas.

From the release: “BrandMaker’s Customer Engagement Cloud helps marketers understand and analyze how prospects are reacting to marketing content and automatically tailors content to each audience and channel based on their specific needs and progress in the customer journey.”

Link BrandMaker Press

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Springbot: Segmentation Tool Provides a Score to Drive Targeting Efforts
March 3, 2016 MarTech Product News, New Features , , , ,

Segmentation Tool Provides a Score to Drive Targeting Efforts – Springbot

Customer Experience: Personalization

Customer Engagement

Great For
Brands looking to rank customers for marketing campaigns.

Suitable for use by
B2B, B2C

Springbot launches RFM Segments, a tool that groups customers based on the timing, frequency, and value of previous purchases so that online merchants can identify and target those customer groups in their marketing efforts.

Things to know:
  • Automates the segmentation process by looking at customer data and providing a historical picture of customers’ behavior
  • Ranks each segment on a scale from high to low and develops a score
  • Enables retailers to use that score to send personalized communications and identify the most valuable customers

Press Release

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In-App Messaging Offers Personalized Interactions with Consumers (By Autopilot)
October 30, 2015 New Features , , , ,

In-App Messaging Offers Personalized Interactions with Consumers (By Autopilot)


Customer acquisition, customer engagement

Great For
Marketers looking to engage customers with personalized content

Suitable for use by
B2B, B2C

Headsup is a messaging solution that enables marketers to connect directly with customers using personalized messages whether in-app, on-site, or through mobile.

Three things to know:
  • Headsup taps messaging and live chat to create a customized experience for customers as they navigate through a website or app
  • Integrates with SaaS solutions, including Salesforce CRM, Slack, Salesforce, Twilio, Segment, and Zapier
  • Pricing starts at $4 per month for 500 contacts

More information

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