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Photo editing tools you can use on the run
June 7, 2017 Content Marketing ,

You need photos to use online — from your client’s location, around the office, at the manufacturing plant. Here’s the catch — it needs to be fast, it needs to be on your phone, and you need to repurpose not just for social but maybe for print.

What photo editing tools should you be using? The good news is, there are a great many excellent tools to choose from; the bad news is there are a great many excellent tools to choose from. This is definitely one of those times when the sheer number of options can be kind of bewildering. Make it easier on yourself — checking off a few boxes helps you zero in on the ideal solution. Will you need to shoot and edit photos only occasionally, or every single day? Are you really good at this, or is it more of a necessity? Desktop, tablet, smartphone or all of the above? Are you a Mac or a PC? iPhone or Android? Start with what you already have, and take a look at the photo editing options that are compatible, affordable, and aligned with your skill level.


Hipstamatic is the award-winning iPhone app with filter packs created by the world’s most talented photography experts. The Classic edition lets you swipe through to automatically apply lenses, flashes, and retro films. For more manual control, opt for the Pro edition to tweak focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, ISO, and aspect ratio.
BEST FEATURE: Capture quickly and edit on iPhone or iPad with fully native support and synchronized Favorite Presets via iCloud. Speedy Print Lab for physical prints delivered almost anywhere in the world, even for square photo format.
PRICING: $2.99


Available either stand-alone or bundled with the Adobe Creative Cloud, Lightroom makes it easy to create, edit, organize and share professional-quality images. What’s great is you can get the Lightroom mobile edition free with subscription, so if your company owns a Creative Cloud subscription you get LR Mobile free. Lightroom Mobile lets you do it all on your iPad, iPhone or Android device.
BEST FEATURES: Create stunning images in seconds with 40+ one-tap presets. You can even connect to other Adobe apps like Photoshop Fix to retouch and refine your work.
PRICING: $149 stand-alone, or as part of Adobe Creative Cloud for $9.99/month. Mobile app is free for subscribers.


Photolemur is a new AI-driven photo enhancement solution for Mac and Windows desktop. Designed for busy people light on pro skills, Photolemur analyzes millions of pixels per second, identifies features and details (faces, trees, sky), and automatically adjusts for daylight, exposure, shadows, haze, and colors.
BEST FEATURES:  Photolemur learns over time as you save photos as a “success” or delete them to a “blacklist.” The more you teach Photolemur what works, the smarter it becomes.


PaintShop Pro by Corel is an easy-to-use, affordable photo editing software suite for Windows, and it’s compatible with tablets or stylus-friendly PCs. PaintShop Pro offers a versatile set of responsive photo editing features, and a handy template menu that instantly right-sizes your images for social media covers, ad banners and other commonly used standard-sized digital assets.
BEST FEATURES: Compatible with The Nik Collection by Google, which includes seven powerful plugins.
PRICING: $63.99


Picktorial is an innovative photo editing solution for Mac that’s designed for photographers of all skill levels. From quick fixes and touch-ups to detailed work, you will find everything you need in an easy-to-use dashboard. Picktorial can be used either as an extension for OS X Photos or as a stand-alone application.
BEST FEATURES: Practical editing tools such as skin smoothing and patching so you can easily erase unwanted objects. Workflow management include photo organizing, before and after view, instant export and sharing.
PRICING: $24.99.


PicMonkey is an easy-to-use desktop and mobile photo editor that works on Android and iPhone. In addition to a menu of filters and effects, you get a massive gallery of original overlays and extras such as seasonal clip-art, labels and a library of graphics numbers.
BEST FEATURES: More than a thousand quality overlays to resize, re-layer and recolor. Desktop and mobile editions let you edit photos on the fly or at your desk.
PRICING: $3.99 per month




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