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Use a Point of Sale tool as mobile as your customers
January 5, 2017 Uncategorized , , , ,

Your retail environment could be a food truck, a giant sales floor or a tent in an open market. Your customers don’t carry cash and might even want to pay with their phone. You’re going to need point of sale solutions that can keep up.

Today’s retailer cannot afford to keep an employee chained to a cash register. Payment solutions are now as mobile as your customers, and just as smart too. Find a tool that will work for your business on-the-go and make those sales add up.


salesvuThe SalesVu mobile payment solution is designed to help business and individuals accept credit cards anywhere via iPhone. Its credit card numbers are encrypted on reader and phone. It offers point-of-sale tech managed in the cloud, customer scheduling and ordering by barcode scanner.
BEST FEATURES: You can quickly pull behind-the-scenes sales reports by product, employee, business location, and more at the touch of a finger on mobile devices.
PRICING: Individual plans start at $25 monthly for restaurant or retail point of sale mobile packages, and can go up to $150 for unlimited number of devices.


cardflight-swipesimpleSwipeSimple by CardFlight is a mobile payment platform, that includes an EMV mobile chip card reader, applications for iOS and Android, and a back office reporting portal for business owners to take payments and manage their business. CardFlight uses OS and Android devices, and supports both smartphones and tablets. All readers come with a rubber clasp which securely attaches the reader to any mobile device.
BEST FEATURES: CardFlight card readers are optimized for smartphones and tablets, and communicate with mobile devices via the headphone jack or bluetooth.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


levelupLevelUp is an open mobile payment platform that allows businesses to collect payments through scanning an application on customers’ phones using a QR code. Mobile payments on the platform are for iPhone, Android and Windows that support QR Code, NFC and iBeacon.
BEST FEATURES: LevelUp is marketed directly to customers as a tool to keep them from waiting for preparation and sale of the product.
PRICING: $99 per month, per location.


applepayApple Pay is a secure mobile payment and digital wallet service that replaces the traditional use of credit cards and debit cards by assigning a unique encrypted Device Account Number to each payment method. When customers make store purchases using Apple’s Wallet app on their iPhone or wearable, they receive an emailed receipt that marketers can use for promotional messaging. Apple Pay also collects data about a customer’s unique purchasing habits. Apple Pay works at any retail store accepting digital payments.
BEST FEATURES: Emailed receipts can be used for promotional messages.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


fieldstackFieldStack Store has retail Point-of-Sale and admin tools that empower staff with knowledge and speed to meet customer needs. Credit Card transaction management, coupon management and inventory are all mobile, which frees staffers from manning a register. The back office tools within FieldStack’s point of sale software easily output data files for your accounting software, eliminating the hours and errors of manual data entry, increasing accuracy and reducing labor. Export everything to an excel spreadsheet to keep backups on file.
BEST FEATURES: FieldStack comes with an emergency off-line mode.
PRICING: See vendor for details.


springboard-retailSpringboard Retail is a cloud-based POS software and retail management platform. The solution features inventory balancing across stores and online, custom reporting, portability across platforms and devices. Springboard Retail gives you the power to make informed decisions, service customers at the point of decision.
BEST FEATURES: Springboard Retail’s customer dashboard presents high level statistics about a customer’s purchase history and preferences at the click of a button.
PRICING: Packages start at $79 a month, billed annually.

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Openprise Announces New Data Diagnostic Capability in Openprise Data Automation on the Salesforce AppExchange
December 15, 2016 Big Data, Marketing Automation , ,


Openprise announced that it has launched Openprise Data Automation on the Salesforce AppExchange.  With Openprise Data Automation, marketing and sales professionals can continuously analyze, cleanse, enhance and unify their Salesforce and Pardot data to maintain a complete, accurate view of their prospects and customers. They can also enrich their data with new fields and append missing values to better target their prospects and deliver more relevant, personalized messages that lead to more meaningful engagements.


Data Automation

From the Announcement:

“Many companies recognize that poor data quality is hurting the success of their marketing and sales efforts. However, until now, organizations couldn’t quantify the extent of these data quality issues or determine appropriate actions to address the problem,” said Ed King, Founder and CEO of Openprise. “Openprise Data Diagnostic allows companies to see concrete metrics about their data quality and take action prior to deploying data-driven marketing and sales technologies in order to improve the performance of these programs.”

Link: http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/openprise-announces-new-data-diagnostic-capability-openprise-data-automation-on-salesforce-2183031.htm

Openprise Company Profile on CabinetM

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Trapit Expands Social Selling Platform with New Features for Social Listening, Marketing Platform Integration, and More
December 9, 2016 Customer, Uncategorized , , ,


Trapit, a platform that aids brands for social selling and employee advocacy, announced new tools that significantly enhance the capabilities of their social selling platform. The new features range from social engagement to analytics and reporting and will further enhance salespeople’s efforts to forge meaningful relationships with the many stakeholders responsible for today’s purchasing decisions.


Customer Engagement and Retention

From the Announcement:

“The completeness of Trapit’s platform sets it apart from the standalone tools that salespeople have relied upon in recent years,” said Hank Nothhaft Jr., CEO and founder of Trapit. “As sales teams move from analogue to digital tactics, they need a solution that is not only comprehensive, but also highly efficient and easy to use. We’ve stayed laser focused on empowering salespeople to uncover opportunities and engage buyers across a variety of digital channels, and we’ve coded best practices into the software itself. As a result, sales teams that leverage Trapit consistently outperform their competitors.” making a more robust platform offering end-to-end social selling capabilities.

Link: http://www.martechadvisor.com/news/social-media/trapit-expands-social-selling-platform-with-new-features-for-social-listening-marketing-platform-integration-and-more/

Visit the Trapit Profile on CabinetM

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Proof Delivers Business Impact Analytics for Marketing and Communications
December 9, 2016 Analytics, Customer Relationship Management , , ,


Proof launches a software platform to accurately compute both marketing attribution and the true business impact of marketing and communications, including both time lag and the cause and effect of various activities over extended periods of time.  Proof works with a customer’s existing data – including financial, marketing automation, account-based marketing, CRM, advertising, web, social, communities, and influencer measurement – to gauge the impact of each part of the marketing mix on a range of tactical, operational, audience and business outcomes.


Business Analytics

From the Announcement:

“Proof makes it easy to crunch your marketing and sales data along with other inputs across the business to reveal what’s ‘moving the needles’ that everyone cares about, and how long it takes to move them,” said Proof founder and CEO Mark Stouse. “Proof helps business and marketing leaders evaluate the business impact of their marketing investment in a meaningful, data-driven way that requires no data science expertise.”

Link: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20161206005905/en/Proof-Delivers-Industry%E2%80%99s-Business-Impact-Analytics-Marketing

Visit the Proof Profile on CabinetM

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Five tools to gamify your sales team
November 9, 2016 Sales Enablement ,

Gaming isn’t just for kids obsessed with Pokemon, and it’s more than a way to get customers coming back for rewards points. You can now use gaming to motivate the sales team.

You see, the game can be a way of life.

‘Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That’s truly about the game, and in some ways that’s about life too.’

–Michael Jordan

There’s always been the leaderboard in the office noting who the top dog is when it comes to making sales, but the old ways don’t show you ways to get the up-and-comers to the top of their game. Use the following tools to get teams on board, learning your products and increasing sales. You can use these tools to activate channel partners and get them singing your tune. And you can give real rewards to the top teams and managers beyond the very-important “lunch with the CEO.”


snapcommsSnapComms offers internal communication tools to help team members collaborate. The product suite offers desktop and mobile alert messaging for urgent employee communications. But its gamification tools set it apart: Screensaver messages can be customized to promote employee quizzes. Messages can promote rewards and prizes, note frontrunners on a leaderboard and promptly recognize winners.

BEST FEATURES: Screensavers promote employee quizzes.

PRICING: The SnapComms Client Annual License fee (Minimum 500 PCs) is $1 to $15 per year per PC, depending on the number of SnapComms Channels chosen and number of PCs. For organizations with under 500 PCs, Annual License Packages starting at $2500/year are available.


zurmoZurmo is an open source CRM platform that encompasses sales, marketing automation, and project management software into one solution. This CRM, however, is gamified. Administrators can award badges to internal users, who can receive rewards for using the system.

BEST FEATURES: Instead of a “lunch with the boss” sales leaders can earn gift cards to the nation’s top retailers via integration with the rewards platform Tango Cards.

PRICING: Zurmo is free software. See Zurmo.org for terms.


qstreamQstream gamifies the process of teaching products to sales teams. Sales reps play a game for three minutes every day on their mobile or laptop until the product knowledge is second-nature. The game has reputation and social mechanics, such as scoring, leader boards and integrated blogs, and allow managers to compare results over time and across.

BEST FEATURES: Report access can be configured to allow sales executives at all levels of the organization to access information about their teams.

PRICING: Contact Qstream directly for pricing information.


iactionableIActionable is an employee management platform that leverages gamification to increase employee performance, recognition, and engagement. Among its tools are contests used to drive performance and incentives. No more spreadsheets sent over email to update entire marketing departments.

BEST FEATURES: The platform includes a whole suite of employee management tools, including onboarding.

PRICING: The platform is free to institutions or educational companies; Demo are free to all. Contact IActionable for other pricing details.


planboxinnovatePlanbox Innovate is a tool that can be internal- or external-facing, enabling internal team management and the inclusion of clients and suppliers. Beyond basic agile project management, Planbox includes modules for administering incentive-driven contests, team brainstorming, managing annual company events, and analytics to measure how well initiatives are working.

BEST FEATURES: Uses innovative techniques to get products from idea to implementation.

PRICING: Prices start at $2 per user, per year.


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