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Innovid Revolutionizes Video With First Omni-Channel Marketing Cloud Integrations
December 9, 2016 Brand Management, Content Marketing , , ,


Video ad platform Innovid will integrate with marketing clouds from IBM, Adobe and Oracle to allow video and TV planners to use CRM data to inform video ads served by Innovid.  As well, those marketing cloud customers can apply intent data from their mobile, desktop and OTT video campaigns to their broader marketing mixes.


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From the Announcement:

“What’s driving more convergence is brands are looking at all their spend and saying, ‘How can we use our data better in TV planning?’” said Zvika Netter, co-founder and CEO of Innovid. “The initial point of integration [for advertising and marketing] was the DMP, which drove all of the consolidation we saw, and now it’s the marketing automation system.”

Link to full article: https://adexchanger.com/digital-tv/media-mar-tech-merge-tv-ads-get-smarter/

Visit the Innovid Profile on CabinetM

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